A Walk to Remember

Last night I was home alone just going through some channels, and I ran into A Walk to Remember. I started watching it because I remember watching it way back in high school when I was trying to catch a date with this one girl. Well, that obviously didn’t work out at the time. Actually, it was a train wreck, but anyways, I was watching this movie, and I’ve realized that this movie had a lot more to offer than just a love story. It was almost like those revelations in life where you realize, “Wow! Why didn’t I see that before?” 

What I realized through this movie was that you will go through many trials in life, and sometimes they are not always good. Sometimes you need someone to guide you back to where you want to be in the future. Like is it possible to say that Nadine fell into my life at the right moment four years ago? I started really pondering this and it really hit me when I started to realize what has happened the last four years since I met her.

Nadine moved here in May of 2010. She was forced to leave New York for reasons that are private. I was in a band at the time and performed around Georgia, trying to scrape by with a few bucks here and there each week. I was still living with my parents, and I had no ambitions on trying to get a degree at the time because I just honestly did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I was jumping from one girl to the next for about two years before I met Nadine because my ex had really jabbed a dagger through my heart. It was tough for a long time.

I remember sitting in the basement of my drummer’s mom’s house, and we were trying to come up with some beats. We went upstairs and played some video games for awhile after we failed to really accomplish anything. Then, my guitarist called us up and told us we should go down to this pizzeria and have a bite to eat with him, maybe play a mini acoustic set while we were in the area. At first, I was a bit put off by the suggestion, but I knew I really needed to get out. My drummer finally convinced me and we hit the road to the other side of town. When we got to the pizzeria, I discovered one of our fans was there with her cousin. Her cousin being Nadine. I really was into her even though we hardly talked at first, but we really hit it off once we moved passed the umms and buts. I learned a lot about what her life was like before she moved down here, and I talked about mine as well. The thing that really made me happy was we both had the same aspirations and goals in life.

Over the years, we have really stuck together through everything, whether it be financial troubles or family problems. There hasn’t been one moment where we have fallen into the trap of our friends trying to pull us apart, or we’re too stressed out about affording to live the lifestyle we have. Yes, we are not the perfect couple, but this is the closest feeling to perfect I’ve had in a long time. I now have pulled all of my own weight towards my own home, my own car, a job, and my writing. I have been keeping it together the best I can for the last four years because Nadine fell into my life at the right time. I no longer play in a band, I’m not obsessed with fame or fortune anymore. It’s like life has become more harmonious.

I think we all have people in our lives whether they are boyfriends/girlfriends, friends, or long lost family members. There is always a reason someone comes into your life. It could be to bring your family closer together, or to realize the people that are using you and making you weaker. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, or a fish, there is a reason you brought that person closer to you, or animal. Is it because we all have that kind of energy that brings us closer together, is there a mighty spirit that uses us like characters in a book, or do we simply just run into each other out of randomness? Either way, I think we all have at least one reason to keep someone in our lives to make us the person we are today. If so, always cherish that and thank them for being there for you today.

Reviews for Authors

I had a post a week or two ago about reviewing author’s novels/stories. If you are interested in receiving a review from me, you can contact me here, or through my email. The criteria I base my reviews on are: character development, plot development, and mechanics. I would be highly interested in helping you. I base my reviews on a 5 star scale.

5 Stars- Amazing, engrossing, page turner

4 Stars- Well written, nice plot

3 Stars- A balance between nice and needs work.

2 Stars- Needs work. Couldn’t finish it.

1 Star- Bored to death, needs editing, and terrible character development. 

That’s my grade scale, and I will also try to balance my likes and dislikes about a novel. Also I mostly review, horror/science fiction/literature fiction/occasionally romance. I am open for more genres, but those are my favorite ones to review. If you have any questions, you may contact me at anytime. It may take a few for me to respond, but I will get to you eventually, and if I don’t. Send me another request after 30 days.

I will post my reviews on the kindle website or which ever website you would like my reviews on. I will have more descriptive reviews on here though.

Divergent: Movie Review



Yesterday, Nadine and I rented the movie Divergent from Redbox. I had read the book a few months ago, and I enjoyed it, somewhat? I did have a few concerns about it that made me think the movie would not be as great as the book. I know books and movies are almost always different, but sometimes movies do take away from the beef of the story.(SPOILERS)



I didn’t like some of the characters’ appearances in the movie. In the book, Four had piercings and tattoos. Yes, he had the tattoos, but where were the piercings on his face. It was almost like another one of Hollywood’s ways of saying looks do matter. I was thinking of the whole Tris and Four relationship being closely related to a Beauty and The Beast appearance. Four did have the intimidating talking points, but his looks just didn’t justify how the book describes him. 

In the movie, Will didn’t seem too interested in Tris, but in the book, it really describes and plays out their relationship better. It seemed like the conversations that Tris had privately with him showed that Will had some level of attraction with her. Even when she brings up things about Four. He even gets to the point, where he gets some what jealous and ends up trying to kill her with his other two fellow attackers. I think if there was a little bit of this relationship added more near the beginning of the movie, I think Will’s suicide would have made a lot more sense. At least in the book it did. Now, if you read the book, you know why he killed himself.

I had a issue with this through both book and movie. The faction Candor. What was the point in even creating this faction? I mean, honestly, I haven’t read the other two books yet, but you hardly hear anything about them. You have a few new people in Dauntless that talk about Candor cause that was their old faction, but why even have this faction if you hardly hear about them at all? I do hope we have a little more insight in this faction in the next book/movie because if there’s hardly anything about them until Allegiance, then I’d say there’s no point. Even Amity, what was the point of making that faction too? You have three factions, which of course are the three factions that Tris fits into. Abnegation, Eurodite, and Dauntless. It just seems pointless to have these other two factions. It makes it very confusing for the reader or watcher.

The ending, it was just terrible. Like so many questions pop in my head. Why didn’t they kill Jeanine? Why didn’t they kill Eric? What happened to all the factions? And why does the train always seem to be in the right place at the right time?

Also, the way Tris escaped her fears seemed to not be a challenge for her. I mean, seriously, tapping the glass wall of a tank and breaking ti with her finger? That in my opinion seems like an easy way of the writer trying to think of something more complex but gets writer block so she says “Screw it, let’s just break the glass with her finger. That’ll be enough fro the audience.” I understand there’s not much you can do in that situation, but there has to be another way of making that more difficult to escape from, even being Divergent.



I really enjoyed seeing some of the settings that came from the book. Like the Pit, the game of Capture the flag. The weapons they used in that game really had me interested because of how the bullets were like the pain of a gunshot but for only a few minutes. We can say this almost sounds like paintball, but they were using darts.

I enjoyed the casting as well. I thought they were spot on with the casting. I really enjoyed seeing Kate Whitney play an antagonist. I would have never guessed she’d play it well.

The fights in the pit I enjoyed. Wish there was more of this like in the book because it would show how the ranking system worked. Especially, since that’s their lifeline to staying with the Dauntless. Also, I wish I would’ve seen more of the Dauntless-born. These guys were in the book, but the movie didn’t really show any of them. I’d put that under the dislike column.


Score 5/5:

2.5- Only because it didn’t have a lot of the key points in the book that would’ve helped to explain events better. If they had done this, I would’ve given it a 3.5.


The Interesting Things I’ve Accumulated

2014-08-21 23.55.19


This is my display of some of my graphic novels from The Walking Dead. I also have an abundance of comic books on the top shelf in my office but they weren’t as appealing as this bad boy!

2014-01-17 21.16.192014-01-17 21.17.01


Here’s my Lord of the Rings signatures. The top one is a screenplay signed by the cast, and the bottom one is the two actors I didn’t get signatures from in the top one. I got these 3 pictures/ screenplays at Dragon Con four or five years ago.

2014-01-12 13.19.29


I bought this piece because Charles Adlard (The artist for some of Kirkman’s Walking Dead Comics) made this. I still haven’t framed it, but it’s a fantastic piece for my Walking Dead collection!

2014-08-21 23.56.13


This is an Assassin’s Creed poster for Black Flag. I like this because it was made by Todd McFarlane (Another artist that drew for Robert Kirkman) 

2014-08-21 23.56.40


And my most prized piece is the Stormtrooper helmet. I won this baby from my photographer when I donated to her friend’s charity. I love this because I mean, it’s Star Wars, nothing is more beautiful than this sitting on top of the shelf in your office while you find those inspiring words.

As you can see, I’m a bit of a nerd, but I love collecting things. It’s growing to be an almost dangerous hobby! Hope you guys enjoyed!

The Walking Dead


I freaking love the Walking Dead. I don’t know if it is because it is set in my hometown, or that it is nothing like the zombie norm that I have ever seen. I don’t want to say that I am intrigued by the drama but in all honesty, I am. I mean, Robert Kirkman is my hero when it comes to the comic books. Now, the show has even made me more in love of with the zombie universe that he has created. Let me take you through a few highlights of why I love the show and comic book so much… (SPOILERS!)




Okay, if you haven’t noticed already from all three of these comic selections from the Walking Dead, THE GORE. I mean, what makes Robert’s world of Walkers so crazy is the fact the humans are actually killing each other. If you’re asking yourself, “Why the hell would they want to kill each other?” Well, the answer is…


A safe place to shelter themselves from the grotesque creatures that want to devour the innards of the human body. Everyone in the comic is always on a constant journey to find a home. Somewhere they can be safe and not have to worry about being killed by walkers. It seems like there is never a place that anyone can hide from these things. The reason being is that we all have the virus inside of us. So say, an elderly man dies of a heart attack, he doesn’t have any bites, and it’s all from natural causes. He will still turn into one of the walking dead. It’s almost an endless battle to survive because once we kill each other, we just come back to life ready to rip a jugular from our enemies throat. It’s freaking insane!!



Rick Grimes is the main protagonist in this story and the Walking Dead staff, producers, and directors did it right when they cast Andrew Lincoln. I mean, how could you go wrong with an actor with a British accent. Andrew plays the role perfectly. A sheriff trying to find his family in the midst of an ever growing apocalypse. He has to face a lot of challenges along the way, but he some how gets through them with his wit and survival skills. 

He also seems to be the only one that actually DOES WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO SURVIVE! If you watch the show or read the comics, he is the only character that actually puts his group before anyone else. Except his son and wife of course. Them two are his main concern. He kills his best friend, he locates safe places and forces his group to keep moving on, he also has a knack from running into weird characters on the road.

There are so many things that I could write that explain how awesome this story is but it all is going to still come down to the things I have already written. The virus being inside us already, the character drama, and just the casting. The casting was almost spot on with every character. I would suggest at least checking out the show if not the comic book. Both have different story lines but they are both very fun and interesting. I know Nadine and I make it a point to have the show recorded or be off work during the marathons on television.

Just remember, “Kill the Dead, Fear the Living.” quoted by Rick Grimes. Be safe!

Followers? (What’s the Point?)

I’ve been going through some blogs this morning, reading about everyone’s day, or running into the wretched posts about how many followers someone has, or how to make your blog look better. It’s scary to think that some of the blogs I follow on here are starting to turn in that direction after I really enjoyed reading their days and their writing.So I’m dedicating this short post to the people so obsessed about followers.

Why are we so obsessed about pulling in people to read our material? Is it because we want to be a famous writer? Maybe be a blogger like Perez Hilton one day? Are we so intrigued by getting that one little like or that one comment to be able to change our day to something great?

I don’t know the answers. I hardly even know why I get excited to see a new follower everyday. I don’t know if it’s because we are brought up to try to be something of substance in our parents’ eyes, or if we just want to have those 1 million followers that spend their hard earned cash on our next book? Our society has become so caught up in all of these different -isms now, I don’t even know which one to really write about because they are all basically the same thing. People obsessed with having more power through authority, money, or popularity. Why is the human race so obsessed with power?

We naturally want to be free to roam and do whatever the hell we want. We don’t want to be trapped inside of a work place, doing the same damn thing everyday like a bunch of robots. We want to travel, explore, and learn about the world and universe. What are we learning in a place that uses corporate slavery to shackle us to their brand? Absolutely Nothing! We are growing into a society, where we feel we need to be led and told what to do to be able to be safe and secure. I mean, at twenty-one I was told to start saving for retirement! Which of course, I have.

Why do we give into the things that we are told to do? 

Is it because at the time we’re too young to understand what it’s like to be at the age of fifty and still working? Or is it because we look at other people who are suffering and say, “I don’t want that at all.” I really don’t know what the reason is that we do the things we do. I know security is a big reason, but I’m rambling onto a different subject that I really don’t want to move into. Anyways, followers, why do we want them/ need them?

What are they doing for you? Are they paying your bills? Are they giving you a shoulder to cry on? For one, these are all a no. Maybe for rare cases it’s a yes, but this is an absolute no for most of us.

You should enjoy writing, and not worry so much about who is following you. I know I enjoy new things to read about on everyone’s page especially when I have hardly any followers, but I like it that way sometimes because I can be more connected to those people. Let’s all admit, when you have more than 500 followers, how many of those blogs are you actually going to be able to get around to later on to say “Hello I enjoyed your post.”? It’s tough to get back to all of them! All I’m saying is please write for you cause I really do enjoy reading about successes, poetry, novels, short stories, and in general life! The reviews about books and movies are fun to read too. Please find connections that can help you get to your goals as well. Also try not to forget why you write, it shouldn’t be for fame or fortune. It should be for you.

Alien Encounter… What?!

I watched this movie on Netflix yesterday after work called Alien Encounter. This was after I had a horrible stomach ache from a greasy burger I had for lunch earlier. This movie was like a Blair Witch Project, mixed with a Cloverfield. Since you guys don’t know me that well, I hate these kind of movies. It’s just what is the point of shooting in the perspective of one of the characters. I mean, it is almost like eating a burger without the meat. WHERE IS THE FLAVOR?! Seriously, every movie that attempts to do this kind of style fails terribly. Either the kids are in the woods, at a party, or about to play a prank. It just gets dull after a while.


Anyways, back to Alien Encounter. I think this movie received 3 stars overall on Netflix. (I watch a lot of the three star movies because it’s on the fence and maybe there is some kind of value to take from these films.) SPOILER ALERT: The movie takes place on Brown Mountain, North Carolina. Apparently multiple disappearances happened in the camp sites up near this old tunnel. Every night there would be flashing lights coming from the sky. No one knew what they were. (They’re aliens) This movie was so pathetic it put me to sleep halfway through it. It happens like any other movie that is filmed this way… One person goes missing. The people run away. Another person goes missing. They all run away. Someone gets their body bent backwards like a pretzel and sucked into the air. Everyone screams and hides. Uh-oh little Billy dropped the camera! Now, we only hear muffles and leaves rustling. There’s screaming in the background. 

Is this not the typical first person film? It is so annoying I almost wished the authorities never found the camera in the field. 

I think a three star is way too generous for this movie. I would have given a .5 star. Just for having a decent concept that was executed very poorly.