Keyboard Warriors


I’d like to just say that keyboard warriors are pretty awesome when you have nothing to do, and you just simply have to read a whole thread with a big bowl of popcorn in hand. Yes, you know who you are. If you don’t know who you are, here is a simple check list that may help to pinpoint who you are:

1. You’re the person that defends causes that no one really actually cares about. You’re the one that thinks hmm Photoshop is being used to change the appearance of people? They used an auto tuner during his/her performance? This is an outrage! How dare corporate America try to poison the hearts of my children! This is ludicrous!

2. You’re a person that reads through an article on the internet and realizes that everything on the internet is true. You freak out over a girl diving into a random pond where all of a sudden a Great White chases after her. You believe that we are living in a time period that existed almost a half a century ago. Occasionally, you’ll question if an asteroid is really about to destroy the earth because someone decided to edit a clip from Armageddon.

3. You’re that caring person that thinks a cat dancing with a pathetic human is animal abuse, or you thought steaks did not come from cows but just magically appeared in a grocery store.

4. You’re the person that has to be right. You are never wrong. If we continue to live in the society that we’re living in now, guns will surely kill people, and spoons will surely make people fat.

This is just to name a few keyboard warriors who tend to NEED attention, or just have to continue an argument behind a screen because they are too chicken shit to actually get into someone’s face. Seriously, I’ve read threads where people say what they would’ve done and blah blah blah.

For example, a guy was walking down the beach with some other people when they stumbled upon a shark. Yes, a dead shark. Apparently, its belly was moving around and they decided let’s play surgeon. A guy walks up with a dinky little  pocket knife and tears a whole in the sharks gut. Well, they discover three babies still alive inside the shark. This guy pulls the shark babies out and tosses them in the ocean without being gentle with them. This sparked a stupid argument that almost made me want to put my fist through my computer.

Someone decided that it was animal abuse because the guy just tossed the shark into the ocean without care. Then, people said they should’ve called someone to get the sharks cause now they’re going to die in the wild. I had to face palm myself for that bs argument as well. First of all, put yourself in this guy’s situation. You’re cutting open a shark that you do not know if it is still alive. You tap it and it doesn’t move. Then, you proceed to be a dumb ass and cut into the shark to discover live baby sharks. Now, if it was me, there was no way in hell I’d be pulling creatures out of a shark with the risk of pulling back a bloody red stump. Nah uh, not me. I give this guy huge props, but people got pissy and whiny because he wasn’t gentle. Okay, Kids, how about you bend over and toss a shark into the ocean gently. If you so happen to come back with a hand, kudos to you, but your argument is stupid! I swear, if the government doesn’t kill us first, it’ll be these sensitive assholes that think sharks are cute puppies and humans are robots.

Also, I think the most notorious keyboard warriors are the ones that keep tabs on every politician. Seriously, I think politics gets really old. It’s just who I am as a person. Yes, I am concern about the future of America. Yes, I am concerned about where my kids will be when they are older. Am I going to be able to change any of that sitting behind a keyboard and screaming like a crazy person? No, I’m not. If anything, my ass will be hauled to a psych ward.

I see memes talking about “Impeach Obama!”, “We the people want Obama gone!” , “There’s a petition to get rid of the Confederate Flag.” ‘You might be a racist if…”

I mean, seriously the list goes on forever. There’s always that one guy that learns how to put words on photos and turns it into a propaganda piece because pictures tell the truth. I remember seeing a meme that said, “This man claimed Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was hung in Iraq.” Then, I found this man’s face in an article month before and apparently he had murdered three people and was put to death. I mean, that is how simple lies and deception work. Someone takes a picture of a person doing something, writes something totally different, the world sees it, and now, we all are praising a murderer.

I mean, have we really come to the point where internet petitions, and writing our feelings online will make a difference in the world. Think about it, while we are focused on racism and sexism there are laws being passed while we are distracted. We are little giving the government an Ah-Ha moment because we are too busy arguing about a news story that had no business even appearing in out state’s news. Then, all them awesome keyboard warriors band together and create an elite of ignoramus people which lead to leveling a city and destroying everyone’s livelihoods.

America is lazy and sensitive now. There’s no more will to work. There’s no more motivation to be anything here anymore. Corporations have taken over and have turned everyone against each other. They’ve dipped their hands so deep into the government structure and have turned good politicians into the corrupt people that vowed not to be. What will it take before more jobs, homes, and lives are lost? We are simply letting the internet try to speak for us, but no one is listening. We are simply letting these people roll over us because we are comfortable. The internet is not the way to get your point across. It’s just another archive that stuffs your thoughts deep into the abyss of junk that flows through the world wide web.

Transformers Dark of the Moon (Ugh)

Michael Bay if you’re reading this I’m getting really sick of your shit. How are you going to have the Autobots claim they don’t harm humans yet they’re fighting America’s wars?!?! Okay, let me breathe for a second. In this third installment of Transformers we see the Autobots wreaking havoc across the middle east. Blowing up shit, basically doing their thing.

Well, if my memory goes back to the first Transformers I do believe Optimus told Ironhide, “No Ironhide we do not harm humans. What’s with you?” This was when Ironhide wanted to blast Sam’s parents to bits.

So is America classified as the only humans on earth now cause I’m pretty sure we have humans in other countries too. I mean, last I checked we did but who knows.

I would say this movie was just not made right at all. Yes, you have explosions, large robots, people screaming, and a model for an actress, but there’s no depth. For instance, Why would a woman working for the White House fall for a guy that finger shots her and breaks something in the White House? Also, Why is she working for a guy who builds, shows off, or sells nice cars? I forgot what he does, I was too damn busy admiring the cars to listen to him.

This whole trilogy just really got on my nerves. Like hell, I forgot there was a sequel because they all pretty much can be watched in any order. There’s no sorry to these movies, atleast not one compelling enough to keep up with.

Also, when was this deal made with Megatron and Sentinel Prime. If there was , a deal made, why did Sentinel run away to the moon? Seriously, detail was a total loss in this movie. I still wonder why the cube wasn’t shoved in Megatron’s chest in the first movie.

I’m going to say now, I won’t have anything to say about Transformers Age of Extinction. I fell asleep in the first fifteen minutes. Ugh!