Oh Boy!

I’ve been away doing a lot of adult things that I sometimes wish I didn’t have to do. I’m back for a little bit though. The run down of the last month has been slow. Mostly me working and stuffing my face till I can barely hold up my own arse.

I just wanted to point out that I’ve been working with some incredible artist on my book The Temperament Scepter. Also, I have been working with graphic designers on putting together some sweet designs for t-shirts and hats for my book Horizon.

Hopefully, I’ll have some samples for you guys to check out soon.

Why am I writing today though? I’m writing today because I’ve been a little lazy lately so I wanted to jump on and talk. About anything. If you want to talk, just comment cause I’m stalking my notification button today

Battles With My Brain

I was talking to my fiance last night before we drifted off to sleep. This was after the long day of work and trying to mount a television on my sister’s wall. A long day with many profanities that seemed to be endless. Anyways, it’s funny how lately I’ve been trying to avoid new ideas for a new novel. Why!? Oh, Why would I ever want to do that?!

Here’s my issue right now. I’m battling with my brain on how to finish a story fast with quality, but here’s the problem, I keep wandering off to new ideas for different stories? I’m sure many writers have this problem, but I’m, in a way, rioting against my brain. I’m avoiding the temptation to write something else, but last night my fiance came up with an awesome idea for a story, but I don’t want to jump into it yet.

My computer had about twenty different chapters to twenty different stories that I’ve written. All of them I want to dig into, but I always find myself wandering to another story that I promise I’ll finish. It just never happens because I’m lazy and can’t write longer than ten hours a day for four days a week. If you ask me why not? It’s because I’m lazy, I procrastinate, and after work I usually end up sleeping. When I wake up, it’s late and I have to be at work early the next morning.

I had an idea though. What if I wrote 3,000 words for two to three different stories a day for a year. Better yet 1,000. Instead of writing on just one, work on three different ones a day. That would lead to 365,000 words a year. That’s a decent amount of written stories. Here’s my issue though, my organizing and memory suck! How do I sit down and remember what I wrote for each story?

I’ve learned something else about myself recently. I write about myself way too much. I feel like I hog this little bit of space each week, while every one else has something better to say. Then, I start writing about how I could wish to want to care about someone else’s writing when actually I hope for others to come read my page.

I think I’ve run into about five or six pages out of the 1,067 I have that I actually read consistently. All the reblogs I do are the blogs I read a lot. Here’s my issue though, I’ll go to blogs, like and comment their posts and even have nice discussions. Then, when I get back to my page I’ll get a like but no comment. So sometimes I get a little irritated, especially when it’s the same person liking every post, but no words to my posts. It’s like ordering a cheese burger and receiving it without the meat. Now it’s a damn boring grilled cheese. I know I sound selfish and I will be criticized for it, but we all feel it, right?

You can’t deny when you see my name liking every one of your posts, but I don’t say my opinion or reblog, don’t you get a little irritated? Everyone has selfishness in them to write just about them and only wants the approval from their fellow bloggers. Do you think anyone really cares about what you say? Probably not, but if that’s the case, what do you do to fix that problem? Every blog has it’s own uniqueness unless you plagiarize then you’re just an inconsiderate asshole.

I’m going to say I use to not write for followers, likes, or comments, but in reality, who doesn’t want their voice to be heard. If you feel that highly of yourself that you can say, I only follow those who interest me, then you’re in the wrong place. I know following spurts have actually helped me find new and interesting blogs. It has helped me learn about readers that actually like my work. I think I shed a few tears on multiple pages because they had problems in their life that they couldn’t see any resolution to.

Okay, I’m rambling now. I’m just pointing out the things bouncing in my brain right now. I know I jumped into two different subjects  sorry about that. I just want to say that we all are truly never writing for ourselves. You are writing for someone else and hoping to get some kind of feedback. Don’t be naive like I was from the beginning. I told my readers at the time, hey I don’t need thousands of followers, I just need the twenty I have, but I was very wrong. All the blogs I follow now really molded me into a better writer and reader.

Let me know how you feel about anything on here. Especially if you have any ideas on how to focus on one subject in writing a story.

Rant About Writer and Editor

This goes both ways, finding a good writer and editor are like trying to nail Jello to a tree. You’re going to have writers that believe their work is the next J.R.R Tolkien or J.K Rowling. Then, you’re going to have editors that believe they can turn your work to gold of you take their advice. Okay, here’s my experience with editors, they know they have more experience and knowledge of writing. My experience with writers as an editor, they know they are more creative. Now that we’ve laid that out what to expect when working together.

I know for sure that if I need an editor I don’t expect the sugar coated, over exaggerated, and pleasing critique of “oh this is fantastic. You are professional and your words speak to me ” If I hire you as an editor, you better turn that paper into a mess of red, blue, green, or yellow scribbles. That’s what I expect. I hear enough praise from my mother  and father just because I actually wrote a book.

On the editors side, if you hire me to help you, listen to my critique. Lower cases at the beginning of the sentence, jumping from past to present tense, and losing me before chapter one even begins, is unacceptable. I will tell you what to fix and turn your manuscript into a maze of rainbows. I do this to help you and teach you. If you decide to whine and not take my suggestions into consideration, don’t be surprised and blame me for your low sales.

Now that I’ve made that clear, writers and editors work together to create a story. We both try to bring life to the story so or readers don’t struggle and work to hard to understand what the story is about. Please hire trust editors. Don’t tell your mom to look at it and fix the simple errors and then publish. Have a professional look at it because family and friends sugar coat everything.

Editors remember to not get frustrated by a writers lack of knowledge when it comes to grammar. That’s why they need you. Both have to be on the same page for the success of a novel.

Social Media

Okay, so I’m trying this “social experiment” so to speak and I’m seeing a pattern. Do people really care about other author’s on sites like Twitter and Facebook? I recently started following people on Twitter to see their responses. It’s funny how many return with thank you for the follow and can’t wait for great conversation. Then you have a ton that send you links to their books and services. So how real is social media?

So far, blogging has been the closest to author and human interaction I could find on social media. It almost feels like facebook and Twitter are now just a giant internet billboard where people just drive by. Occasionally that one person goes oh wow, I’m going to check this out. Then, you have the ones calling the billboard trying to press their ads on people. Has greed of attention overcome us? Even as I write this post, am I like those attention seeking people begging for likes and comments? What perspective do you guys have of this cause it seems all pointless, right?

Day Job to Writing

Today is my last day of work before I get to sit down for five days and work on my epic fantasy. I wanted to use this post as a way to share some neat outlining tricks I’ve recently started trying out. Some of these have made me write constantly for eight to ten hours each day because I have a goal and a determination to meet them. I hope these will help you guys and just remember there is no true way to write a story. I’m just sharing what I’ve found is easier for me.

1. The Timeline



My timeline has all the chapters and events in them. Right now, I have twenty chapters outlined on the novel, but I have added in back story chapters for a few characters. This has helped me to know and love my characters. Also, don’t be afraid to change your timeline; sometimes spending those first four to five hours outlining you may miss a few key chapters that help the readers understand the journey.

2. Character Notestmp_30300-20150220_083153-755828198


As you all know, characters are what drive your story. You have protagonists, antagonists, comedic reliefs, etc. All of these characters have a story, so tell it! Put your main characters as your priority, but some sub characters can create a reason for your main characters to continue their quest. I use a black board to draw out my main family trees, while my wall serves as family trees/ characters that are not as important but remain needed in their own way. Keep these close to you cause characters change and you will need this to follow who they are later on.

3. Maps



Draw a simple map of your world. It doesn’t need to be fancy. I use this to keep track of the journey. It seems unnecessary but believe me maps really do give you the upper hand when you’re trying to plan an epic battle that is taking place in an ocean. Yes, it has occurred to me that names get lost in writing and we create lands over water by accident. Thank you, Sara C. Roethle for reminding of this in your post.

4. Possibly feuds/ Challenges


Right now only one sheet of paper. I’m writing my feuds as I go because some can span across a whole novel. There are eventually more challenges but just note them as you go. Start with the linear feuds then work your way into smaller ones that occur later on.

5. Schedule/ Goals

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2015-02-20 08.51.51

2015-02-20 08.51.28

Here is my last suggestion, schedule your writing over the weeks and keep tabs on your work. Like any business, keeping track with time is essential to knowing what progress you’ve made. Yes, writers hate schedules but the reason I make one is because a schedule leads to a goal. Finishing the project!! How great would it feel if you stuck to your writing schedule like you would any full time job. Then finished your novel hopefully in weeks and had it published after editing.  It would be amazing, right? As you can see, I’ve blocked my days with  atleast two chapters written or 10,000 words. Which ever comes first.  Plus, I have my tracker that says what I’ve written for the day and how long it took me to write that much. This has helped me figure out what times I’m more productive whether it be early in the morning, midday, or over night. Keep track of when you write the most and try to write at those times.

There is no true way to write a novel, but if you feel you are spending countless hours reeling back trying to remember if Carl had brown or blond hair, an outline will eliminate that wasted time. I hope this helps with all of your future works. I will eventually post up how I have developed this world I’m working on in the next post.

Comic book

So I’m about to jump into something very new to me other than being a reader to comics. I’m about to create a comic book series with a co worker of mine. Any suggestions from comic book writers/artists? I’ll post samples once we piece everything together.

Aspiring Writers

I am currently looking to work with authors that are looking for any kind of proof reading/editing help with their novels. I am also currently trying to review books to build on my portfolio. If you are interested in any of my services, please contact me at my email.


I will give you a list of services I can help with you, as well as, my reviewing guidelines. Thank you for reading, and I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas!