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Hey, everyone, if you’re already following my posts here. I’ll be posting more frequently on my new blog page, Allix Booth. Definitely jump over there to get updates on books and such and please check out the new trailer for the book. Foundations, LLC will be publishing the novel August 1st so definitely get your copy at any online retailer next week! Thanks again bloggers! 🙂

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I don’t know if any of you guys have used wattpad, but last night I decided to create an account. I figured it’s about time to let these stories in my filing cabinet roam free even if it is chapter by chapter. When a writer gets to the point in their life, where they just want readers to enjoy what they read and not worry about the financial side of it, that’s when a writer can be happy. I figured it’s time to let you guys see what’s stirring up in this messed up head of mine. Hopefully I’ll catch some of you there because I’m really enjoying this chapter by chapter posting. It really helps my creative process as well as understand what readers want. Thanks again for everyone’s support and can’t wait to see your responses to my stories!

He Leads

I’ve been really thinking back lately to where I was mentally last year. There was many struggles in my and more worry than I can even imagine. It’s kind of amazing the 180 I took after I submitted myself to Jesus. It’s empowering to say that because before last April, I don’t think I could openly have said that. I will say, I was extremely selfish and stubborn for about seven to eight years of my life. (Possibly longer). It’s amazing what changes have occurred in my own life but simply saying, “Yes, I’ll do it.”

I used to say, “No,” many times. It was like the one word that kept me from having to obligate to anything. When I made the decision to finally break that chain of being comfortable and walking outside of that zone, my world changed. I use to be scared to even walk into a church without feeling like judgmental eyes were watching my every move, but it’s funny how those people were not like that. The churchgoers that I once thought were the most judgmental are some of the most loving and supportive people I have ever met in my life. It’s amazing how God has actually steered me away from the people that were actually causing all of my pain and suffering. It’s even more remarkable when he leads me back to those people and speak his word when they are in trying times.

The last two nights I performed in a play called “The Way of the Cross”. Honestly, I didn’t know how powerful the experience would be until last night. The last performance hit me harder than I could have ever expected. Although the last month or two has been a bit trying with all of the situations that only the deceiver could cause, somehow this amazing group of people came together and brought it to life. These moments are definitely the ones where the power of God roars in all of us.

I’ve met some amazing people over the last year and it has been amazing being able to walk this spiritual journey with Jesus. I have told many people my testimony and put it out there for many to see through this blog. Some of the most uncomfortable situations I have openly talked about without a flinch. Although my story is not as dramatic or chaotic as some, it’s still amazing to know that I was healed from my depression. It’s amazing how quick just being around a community of believers can pull you from the ashes of your own self pity and make you realize there is more to life than dragging your feet and worrying. Yes, concern is okay to have, but worry causes all kinds of mental illness.

Believe in Jesus. His Way is the only way. Much love.

The Temperament Scepter (RELEASE)

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Hey, guys! We’re a month away from March 19, which is the release of my debut novel “The Temperament Scepter”. This is being written under my pen name Allix Booth. I know I have been a bit quiet on here the last few months, but it gets a bit crazy when things start piecing together especially after recovering from depression.

I will say it has been a long road to this moment finally, and I can’t even explain how amazing it is to know that you guys have stuck with me this long. It is extremely humbling to know that my writing has caught your eye, or at least brought a little inspiration in your lives. I want my readers of this blog to know that I will return to my regular posts soon. I’m actually going to bring back “Interview with the Awethors” soon. I actually have an extremely talented author in mind that I’m going to be interviewing here soon. Her name will come soon and guess what? She is a fantasy author!

Well, if you guys get a chance to drop in on my author page you’ll find me there most of the time over the next month or so. Also, I have the e-book on preorder on Amazon currently, so definitely take advantage of the savings before the release. Currently, “The Temperament Scepter” is posted for $3.99. After March 19, it will go to $4.99.

One last thing, I’m hosting the release event March 19-20 with 16 amazing authors joining me in this debut event for my pen name, Allix Booth. Thanks again for all the support you guys have shown, and I hope to be back here soon. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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Trolls and Change



So I’m not here to talk about the giant ugly beasts that roam the forests at night and turn to stone in the morning. I’m definitely not here to talk about the little fuzzy rainbow haired dolls that children adore. (Or not) I’m here to expose the world of trolls that scamper around the internet searching for a victim that may be humorous to their own liking, or it could go a bit to far to the point where someone’s feelings are hurt. Either way, don’t fall victim to these guys cause they will cause you to wonder what soulless being is typing on the other end of this screen.

If you’re like me, you do this…


I tend to watch a video or see a picture on facebook and simply go straight to the comments to read all the arguments. It’s funny because there is not one video out there where someone is either not offended, or simply trolling others.

Let’s get down to the basics. What is a troll?

Trolls are the bottom dwelling scum of the internet that feel it is necessary to start arguments when it is a situation they don’t care about. I know there are some people that find it interesting to participate in these troll sessions. When I was younger, I did this many times. I did it because you’ll find people on the internet who are loved by many people, possibly someone who is popular at your school or in your family. These people basically look like a saint in real life but as soon as you disagree with their logic, the real demons start flying from their fingers like a ferocious snake. Trolls spark the responders anger with very melancholy answers that just boil under the person’s skin.

If you ever do this, DON’T reveal yourself as a troll.

I say this because you will discover there are more people that are like minded in your Troll self. Plus, the person bantering with you over puppies will eventually start to look like a lunatic. I mean, c’mon, do you really think someone can say anything terrible and mean it about cute puppies? Anyways, you’ll start to receive threats of reporting you and calling the authorities. Sometimes you’ll get the occasional death threat. All the while, you’re just busting out laughing on the other end wondering where this internet bravery is coming from. Oh wait, it’s because these people live on the other side of the world and they are threatening you with their internet courage.

If you stumble upon a Troll…

These will happen at least once in your internet lifetime and all you can do is learn to spot them and call them out. Never get caught up in an argument over a video or meme. This is simple because one, nothing is going to be achieved by name calling and tearing people down on a thread. You could report the image or video, but facebook will more than likely turn your request away because some dude on the other end thinks you’re too damn sensitive. How I treat these situations is to simply stop typing. If the troll doesn’t respond to countless amounts of none responses to their comments, they will eventually go away because they know they have been caught. If there is no reply, then it maybe a legit argument someone is having with you.

Now, I’ve had to ask myself many times why do people get angry and say their opinion on memes and videos on social media? If you really feel this strongly about something going on in the world, do something about it! Don’t just sit behind a computer and fight blindly with people who already think your a coward for arguing over a computer. Yes, it’s the only way to respond to what you see on the computer, but go out there and do something about it. Stop relying on others to fight for you. A good song to listen to is “Do Something” by Matthew West. If you want to change something, you need to get off the computer and start today. No one else will do it for you. Pick up followers and start campaigns. Get the word out there and eventually enough people will back you to make a better life for others.

What’s Been Happening?

I haven’t done a personal post in a while so i thought I would update everyone on what’s going on. Currently, I am working on editing The Temperament Scepter to hopefully make its debut in August, (Hopefully) I am also discovering a deeper meaning to life as I have as started to look deeper into my spiritual self as well as discovering myself. I have hit many bumps and roadblocks in my life so far and I know there are more to come, but I know that it will get better. Everyday that I write i have found my love for it starting to return. I don’t know why I needed reassurance from strangers before but I’ve realized if I love something I need to continue to pursue it.

This blog has brought in many interesting people that I thought I would never get the opportunity to talk to. (Thank you internet/wordpress.) I’d also like to say that sometimes falling to the ground and crawling back to your feet again is the best way to discover yourself again. My gut feeling last year to step down from my job and pursue writing was extremely frightening. Also, the many trials that continued to knock down the wall that I built around myself finally took toll on me. It wasn’t until I had to face my demons that I finally realized that I cannot continue to live the old lifestyle. I had to make a change in my life. First it was my job, then my spending, and now my faith.

I have found the happiness that I was so desperately searching for a year ago. It never was about becoming rich, famous, or powerful. The happiness and joy I needed was a stronger faith and to be a part of the community I have learned to be a part of now. I do have a few days, where I feel down or worried about even stepping foot outside. I still do things that I know I need to cut out of my life for good. I’ve created habits that I am aware of now, but my discipline is weak. Hopefully, I can one day push all of those things out of my life for good, but right now, the tiny baby steps and goals are what’s helping me. I will never be a perfect person, but I can do better. Thanks to all those that have supported me and been hear to read my ramblings or happiness. I will continue to write more of my creative posts like poems and stories. I’ll try to post more personal things, but sometimes my personal life does find its way into my writings, so maybe you guys can see my moods at that moment.

Thanks again and happy blogging!

The Creature Within

The creature lashes within, trying to rip through my skin
I feel the anger boiling.
The thoughts run through my head, but I try to keep it in
I hear its voice taunting.
I feel its claws pulsing in, like razor blades in my skin
I fear that it’s approaching.

The fire burns within those evil eyes
From the faith that you crushed inside.
You can not keep me caged in my dreams
Because you’re the monster and the fiend.
I will not surrender my will to your lies
My courage will last until I die.
The boiling hell that you create at night
Will not be the reason to kill a life.

The creature lashes within, trying to rip through my skin
I feel the anger boiling.
The thoughts run through my head, but I try to keep it in
I hear its voice taunting.
I feel its claws pulsing in, like razor blades in my skin
I fear that it’s approaching.

The snow has fallen all through the night
While the soldiers keep up the fight.
The creatures of our nightmares are alive
And they still want to put fear in our eyes.
The rage within their cold hearted minds
Are like the daggers stabbing a thousand times.
Escape is not an option we can find
So we must face our demise.

The creature lashes within, trying to rip through my skin
I feel the anger boiling.
The thoughts run through my head, but I try to keep it in
I hear its voice taunting.
I feel its claws pulsing in, like razor blades in my skin
I fear that it’s approaching.

The Temperament Scepter (Sample)

This is part of one of the chapters in my upcoming book, The Temperament Scepter. It is still a work in progress. Hope you guys enjoy!

Sample Chapter
King without a Throne

The walls of the Argonian tunnels were jagged and black as coal. The path of steps winded deep into the mountain like a labyrinth filled with puzzles and dead ends. At the center of the mountain, a deep pit dropped infinitely into the depths of darkness, where the smell of smoldering coals rose from the lower tunnels. A place where the Forn forged tools and weapons for the army. In the western realms of the mountain, a cool breeze could be felt from the vented areas where the ocean breeze would cool the chambers. Most of the Forn have lived most of their lives in the tunnels. The paler their skin and the brighter their eyes, the longer they have inhabited the tunnels.
King Gruil Thaylor, son of Oir Thaylor was the only Forn who looked more human than the others. He would trek the tunnels of the Argonian Mountain Range once every other day to watch the operation. His thirst for gold, silver, and metals clouded his mind and heart, making him an empathetic ruler. He inherited the Thaylor curse of being blinded by the riches that rest within the stone walls of the mountain. Every Forn would glare at him with their yellowed eyes that had red slits burning with rage. Their intimidation never bothered him as long as his mighty sword remained in his possession.
His maroon robe wrapped around his body. It was embroidered in leopard skin down the seams of the buttons and around the collar. His brown beard rounded at the tip of his chin, while his dark hair dropped below his ears. The tip of his nose pointed over his mustache, while his hazel eyes pierced the darkness with its brightness.
“Lord Thaylor, production has slowed each week since your father’s…” His right hand, Aradorn cut his sentence short. “Forgive me, my lord.”
Aradorn was a slender man with gaunt limbs and pale skin. He was bald and kept his chin clean of hair. The middle of his nose had a large knot, while the end was rounded. His eyes were squinted with emerald irises. The green robes he wore were thinner than Thaylor’s but had many markings across the seams. Most of the markings were tree limbs branching upwards, while others were shapes of gemstones.
“No need for apologies, Aradorn. Finish what you were saying,” Thaylor answered, stepping down the stone steps to the hollowed out center of Mount Argon.
“My suggestion would be to give some of these men a holiday. Let them go home to their families and have their pigment return to them.”
“So your suggestion to increase production is to send a portion of the men on vacation? To let them rest and become fat; better yet lazy?” Thaylor asked with a spiteful tone.
“Well, not to become lazy, but…”
“Let me remind you, Aradorn, that rest will be had at death. These men work hard to protect their families and to keep the flow of wealth immense throughout our kingdom. If any of them would like to address their complaints, they can meet me at the block in my court. I’m sure their weary head will receive plenty of rest as my blade cuts through their throat!” His voice raised for all the Forn to hear.
“You speak as though these men’s lives do no matter to you. Are you so blind now that you have lost the will of your father?” Aradorn asked with a quiver.
Thaylor rubbed the handle of his father’s sword. “We are in an age where survival is no longer enough. We must have the upper hand in this world to keep what is rightfully ours.”
“These men are not slaves, but you treat them as such. I thought we banished those dark times long ago?” Aradorn scorned his king.
“I would suggest you bite your tongue, Aradorn.” Thaylor reached for the door behind him. “I need to meditate in my father’s shrine. Return to the castle, I must speak to the mountain alone.”
“Yes, my lord. I will not bother you of these petty matters anymore.”
“Good,” he answered, slamming the steel door behind him. He turned to the towering statue of his father, Oir. He reached for the torch at the side of the door and lit the stream of oil that wrapped around the room to the top of his father’s statue. The stone beard waved against his father’s chest. The resemblance was uncanny between Thaylor and his father.
He stepped forward across the black marble floors that looked like a fiery river from the flames in the oil. Thaylor stared at the sheathed sword in his father’s belt that he now possesses. His attention was drawn to the crown atop Oir’s head, which Thaylor has inherited as well. He knelt before the statue and pressed his forward onto the stone foot.
“It has been a decade since your final breath,” Thaylor said, looking up at the towering statue. “I do miss you dearly, my king. My rule has seen troubled times recently, and I only wish to find the strength you had during your reign.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I have lost my way and the mountain has blinded me of its blunders. I do not know how your heart was able to bear the burden of your peoples’ well-being.”
He stood to his feet, feeling the tears well up in his eyelids. His eyes burned and his head ached for a resolution.
“Show me the way, father!” he begged, but silence would be the only answer. The door rumbled behind him as stone and steel rubbed against each other. “What?” His shock was heard throughout the room as he turned to see one of his messengers at the door.
“My lord, a messenger from Alabass awaits your prompt appearance in the courtyard,” the man’s voice cracked in fear.
“I’ll be there in a moment. Thank you,” he answered, looking back towards the statue.
The door moaned shut as the noises echoed off all the walls. Thaylor wiped his eye and smiled at his father.
“Let’s hope the news you have sent is good for once.”
He left the shrine and closed the door behind him. The tunnels to the surface were long and narrow. Every step felt like a dagger digging into Thaylor’s heels, until he finally reached the exit. The air was fresh and a light breeze caressed his cheeks. He felt refreshed and ready to hear the messenger in his courtyard.
“Father, let this day be a blessing for my people and myself,” he said, looking up towards the sky.
He reached the courtyard, where a man remained hidden within the hood of his white cloak. The man remained seated at the stone bench, where the pedals of the roses behind him blackened. An eerie presence passed over Thaylor as he walked towards the man. His peace transpired into depression. He was suffocating from an evil lingering in the air, one that sat near his dead roses. One that cowered inside the white hood.
“What business do you bring to my court, messenger?” The annoyance in his voice shook the ground.
“Now, is that anyway to greet a guest?” the sinister voice hissed from the vacant opening of the hood.
“Joy was with me before I walked into this damned courtyard. It seems your presence kills more than just my queen’s bushes. It has glowered the very spirits that beckoned me to your call.” Thaylor walked passed him, standing tall at the wooden arch. “Now, on with your message so I can enjoy the rest of my day!” His beard flailed in the air as a gust of wind collided with his face.
“He-he, he said you would be ill tempered like your ancestors,” the messenger responded with a slight cackle.
“You do not refer to my ancestors without consulting the meaning of this meeting!” His thunderous roar could be heard across the valley.
“As you wish, King Thaylor, son of Oir. I have come with a message from my Lord Sargon. You may have heard his name before?”
“Sargon? A name like that would never reach my doors.”
“Do you not think his name is worthy of your time? Are you that ignorant with arrogance and stupidity that you do not realize a divine being when you hear and see it?” The messenger’s agitation echoed within a chuckle.
“Divine, you say? The only divine beings of this world are the dead. The ones’ whose names are scrolled in history and never forgotten. A man could never claim himself divine.”
“Oh, but you do not know Sargon then. He is divine and his reign will come crashing down on your walls soon enough, King.”
“Ha! Are you threating my reign as king? I would choose your words wisely, peasant!” He reached for his sword and clenched the handle as hate filled his heart.
“My life has just as much worth as these flowers. You cannot kill me, and you will not kill Sargon. Like I said, I am a mere messenger that has been sent to speak to all the tarnished kings of Eliptica,” the slither of his voice is ghostly in Thaylor’s ears.
“Tarnished, you say? Well, I think our meeting is over, swine. Guards take this filth and send him back to where he came from!” He demanded.
“I would not nod off my warning so quickly. Your reign will be surrendered or taken from you. Lord Sargon means to overthrow all kings. He just was courteous enough to warn all of you first.”
“You are more evil than the enchantment you have casted upon my garden. I tell you now your head will be the only message your king receives!” He ripped his father’s sword from his belt and let the sun beat its rays against its steel face. His blade cut into the neck of the hood, but no one was inside of the material. It was whisked off into the wind. “What sorcery is this?” he asked, looking back at the entrance of his courtyard.
“You fail to learn that you can’t kill what is already dead, Thaylor. You can only remain haunted by it until your own demise!” the messenger’s bone chilling laughter echoed a heavy gust of wind, tossing Thaylor on his back.
Thaylor looked around him in fright as he was helped back to his feet by his guards. A chill ran up his spine when he felt the wind run up his back like cold fingertips.
“Guards, report to your posts and sound the bell. War will be at our walls soon enough.”
Thaylor turned his attention to Aradorn, who appeared at the entrance of the courtyard.
“My lord, are you okay?” Aradorn’s concern was unnoticed by the king.
“Aradorn, let the council know I am on my way.”
“Yes, my lord. At once!” Aradorn ran back up Mount Argon to report to the five that counsel the king before a battle.