Deadly Dominance by Adam Reese and Alexia Vice



Adam Reese & Alexia Vice have taken DARK to a whole new level!

5 Star Erotica Horror “Deadly Dominance” by Adam Reese and Alexia Vice. Check out this sexy tale of horror and BDSM today! Available on Amazon for $1.99 and free on KU.


Graphic Violence, Sexual Content, Language, and Drug Use


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1k Word Plus Challenge

This is my personal challenge. Everyday I write I add three zeros to that day. So for example, Day 1- 1,000. Day 2- 2,000. Day 3 – 3,000. Day 4- 4,000. Etc. I’ve been wanting to do this all the way up to 31k words. It’s a tough task especially since I’m doing this consecutively everyday. If you want to join in. Post your results with me.

Toe Jam Mm….

I took a week off from blogging to think about my life, goals, feelings, and perspective. Plus, Destiny has pulled me a way from writing for a little bit, but I’m progressively coming back to writing again. I miss all my blogger friends that tend to keep the spirits high in life. Anyways, I’ve started writing this new series of books. I’m calling it, “Phantom Elite.” I was looking over my last post about how America has been bought by banks, and how frustrated I was at a quote the compared minimum wage to a soldier’s salary. I may have been a bit crude and honest in my last post, but I am sticking by it because that is how I truly feel about some of the ideas that are being mustard up in this world. It seems that we all have a perspective of life that has to be more negative than someone else’s. Has anyone ever heard someone say anything on the news about how better off they are than someone else? No, it’s always, we are going through poverty, we want more money. Or, we’re being taxed and Obamacare is is pulling more money from the rich. Then that leads to the rich telling the poor to find a better job, and the poor to tell the government to tax the hell out of the rich. So, where does this all get us? It gets us to the point where there is a crack in our system where everyone’s idea is worth more than another. Why do you think we have three different parties? It’s because we need different ideas to survive. If we can understand each other side, maybe we can start pulling together as a tighter unit instead of murdering each other because we have to be right.

Anyways, I’m rambling on about a totally different subject. The reason I brought up my last post is because it was the inspiration for this book. I wanted to capture an elite group that would turn the tables on the society we live in today. They are not heroes, but they are willing to bring people closer together. In the first book, I have a character named, Murdoch Jones, who is a Marine that recently landed himself a job in the C.I.A. He was supposed to live a more peaceful life than the one he lived during his tours across the Middle East. He finds himself kidnapped by an unknown organization that wants him dead. He barely escaped, but he is intercepted by a group called the Phantom Elite. The ones that modify the leader in the cabinet of our government. What they force Murdoch to do is far from pleasant.

Divergent: Movie Review



Yesterday, Nadine and I rented the movie Divergent from Redbox. I had read the book a few months ago, and I enjoyed it, somewhat? I did have a few concerns about it that made me think the movie would not be as great as the book. I know books and movies are almost always different, but sometimes movies do take away from the beef of the story.(SPOILERS)



I didn’t like some of the characters’ appearances in the movie. In the book, Four had piercings and tattoos. Yes, he had the tattoos, but where were the piercings on his face. It was almost like another one of Hollywood’s ways of saying looks do matter. I was thinking of the whole Tris and Four relationship being closely related to a Beauty and The Beast appearance. Four did have the intimidating talking points, but his looks just didn’t justify how the book describes him. 

In the movie, Will didn’t seem too interested in Tris, but in the book, it really describes and plays out their relationship better. It seemed like the conversations that Tris had privately with him showed that Will had some level of attraction with her. Even when she brings up things about Four. He even gets to the point, where he gets some what jealous and ends up trying to kill her with his other two fellow attackers. I think if there was a little bit of this relationship added more near the beginning of the movie, I think Will’s suicide would have made a lot more sense. At least in the book it did. Now, if you read the book, you know why he killed himself.

I had a issue with this through both book and movie. The faction Candor. What was the point in even creating this faction? I mean, honestly, I haven’t read the other two books yet, but you hardly hear anything about them. You have a few new people in Dauntless that talk about Candor cause that was their old faction, but why even have this faction if you hardly hear about them at all? I do hope we have a little more insight in this faction in the next book/movie because if there’s hardly anything about them until Allegiance, then I’d say there’s no point. Even Amity, what was the point of making that faction too? You have three factions, which of course are the three factions that Tris fits into. Abnegation, Eurodite, and Dauntless. It just seems pointless to have these other two factions. It makes it very confusing for the reader or watcher.

The ending, it was just terrible. Like so many questions pop in my head. Why didn’t they kill Jeanine? Why didn’t they kill Eric? What happened to all the factions? And why does the train always seem to be in the right place at the right time?

Also, the way Tris escaped her fears seemed to not be a challenge for her. I mean, seriously, tapping the glass wall of a tank and breaking ti with her finger? That in my opinion seems like an easy way of the writer trying to think of something more complex but gets writer block so she says “Screw it, let’s just break the glass with her finger. That’ll be enough fro the audience.” I understand there’s not much you can do in that situation, but there has to be another way of making that more difficult to escape from, even being Divergent.



I really enjoyed seeing some of the settings that came from the book. Like the Pit, the game of Capture the flag. The weapons they used in that game really had me interested because of how the bullets were like the pain of a gunshot but for only a few minutes. We can say this almost sounds like paintball, but they were using darts.

I enjoyed the casting as well. I thought they were spot on with the casting. I really enjoyed seeing Kate Whitney play an antagonist. I would have never guessed she’d play it well.

The fights in the pit I enjoyed. Wish there was more of this like in the book because it would show how the ranking system worked. Especially, since that’s their lifeline to staying with the Dauntless. Also, I wish I would’ve seen more of the Dauntless-born. These guys were in the book, but the movie didn’t really show any of them. I’d put that under the dislike column.


Score 5/5:

2.5- Only because it didn’t have a lot of the key points in the book that would’ve helped to explain events better. If they had done this, I would’ve given it a 3.5.