Interview with the Awethors Featuring Suzi Albracht

Welcome back to the blog series “Interview with the Awethors”! Today, I have the pleasure of sitting down with the Horror/Thriller author Suzi Albracht. Thank you for joining us today on the second post of our series, Suzi.


William: I have to say Suzi, “Death Most Wicked”, really brought the chills in my bones. I was just curious to know what was the inspiration behind the story?

Suzi: When I finished writing The Devil’s Lieutenant, I realized that Mikael was such a critical player that he deserved to have his own story told. It was important to the story line of The Devil’s Due Collection that the reader realize that there was more to Mikael than the dark place he was in when he first appeared in The Devil’s Lieutenant. I am very happy with Death Most Wicked and the telling of Mikael’s backstory. To me, he is the real hero, dark as he is now, of The Devil’s Due Collection. Who knows… perhaps he will get redemption in an upcoming book.

William: Mikael seems to have a special place in your heart as a character. Does Mikael Ruskoff play a certain role in your personal life?

Suzi: Mikael’s not a real person except on paper. However, I wish I knew a Mikael Ruskoff. I suppose if I analyzed my construction of Mikael that he is a combination of traits of various men I have met in person or in movies/books. But if I did say that I would have to clarify it to say that each contribution is miniscule. Mikael is his own person almost as he would be in flesh and blood.

William: A character created from the imagination. In my opinion, those are the best characters to have because they can surprise you at any turn. Now, if you could look into the eyes of a criminal, what would their normal life be like? Maybe a certain occupation?

Suzi: Well, that would depend on the nature of the criminal’s crimes and his personality. I think criminals can be personable, and most are certainly smart enough to have great careers. In my horror world, I can see a criminal being a lawyer who is high profile and perhaps has an extravagant personal life. What better way to hide his crimes than to bury them within his clients or perhaps friends who owe him money or favors? One of my “criminals” owns an automobile dealership. In his case, he is a snarky, envious kind of jerk. Having the dealership gives him respectability and the money necessary to hide his other activities and any additional monies he might acquire from his “ hobby”. If he weren’t such a jerk, I’d give him a wife

William: Ha-Ha! You have a point there. So what is your daily writing routine?

Suzi: I don’t have a routine per se. I play it by ear. Some days are writing days, on others marketing rules. And on still others, I will do research or create new photo cards to send out tweets.
I do have somewhat of a routine for writing a book. I start by writing down little snippets on neon colored index cards. I carry a stack of index cards wherever I go so that I can jot down those snippets anywhere I am at the moment. Eventually, there comes a point when I put those cards in order and then into the computer. I’ll juggle and re-juggle them until I get the backbone of my story and a flow of potential chapters. Next, I’ll begin to flesh out and write the stories. That part is euphoric for me. I feel all the emotions the characters experience, smell all the scents, even hunger if they do. It’s like living my own personal story. When I feel I have finished writing the story, I edit or do hand rewrites using my preferred brand of pens in hot pink. Usually, the book will be finished and ready for the last rounds of editing just before I go on a vacation or a long weekend trip so I’ll take it with me to edit whenever I get a down moment. Lastly, I’ll have an intense 3 week period where I will do nothing but reviewing in both printed pages and on the computer, trying to eliminate those typos and missing words. I don’t usually celebrate because I feel a little depressed when a book is finished. I’ll feel that way until a few note cards into starting the next book.

William: From other authors, I have heard the same feeling that once a book is finished it is a bit depressing after finishing a world that you were lost in for so long. Well, more about yourself, Suzi, are there any hobbies you enjoy?

Suzi: Pool, watching TV, going to movies & plays, exploring places on vacation.

William: Jumping off subject for a minute. What are my chances of beating you in a game of pool considering I play rarely?

Suzi: Oh boy, is that a trick question? To be honest, your odds would probably not be good. I’m not a high skilled player at the moment but I am a clutch player. I almost always beat people the first time I play them unless they are a much higher skilled player and I typically win in championships. I’ve been on winning teams and I’ve been on losing teams. One team even went to Vegas for the APA’s Championship. So yes I would probably beat you the first time but I’m sure that with a little practice we could go head to head.

William: Well, maybe one day I’ll have to opportunity to take you on in a match. Ha-Ha! Before we start to wrap things up, is there anyone special that you’d like to shout out to that has been an influence on your career as a writer?

Suzi: That would be Stephen King, of course. Until I read SK, my writing did not have a real direction. William Faulkner has a great impact on my writing as well. Teacher wise, there was a teacher in college who pushed me when no one else did. He wasn’t the first teacher to feel I had talent but he was the one who made me believe in myself. I wish I could remember his name. I can see his face when I think of him but at the time, I was going through some very trying times and names of people from that time period are lost to me. I think he planted a seed that grew without me knowing it.

William: Stephen King is one of my all time favorite authors as well. Last question I have here for you, what advice can you give to readers that are struggling with the negative feedback from peers about fulfilling their dreams?

Suzi: First – Not every piece of advice a peer or anyone else gives you is valid. When someone says something negative about your story or book, don’t get all worked up. Instead, think about what they said. Ask yourself if it is valid or just their opinion. If it’s an opinion, feel free to ignore it. Remember, everyone has an opinion but just because something works for their style of writing does not mean you have to do it too. I hate even saying this but there will be times that you will meet other writers who are jealous and say things just to make themselves sound or look better. Sad, but true, not every troll comes from the outside readers, some reside in the trenches with you.
Second – Rise above the criticism. Don’t fight back against someone who has been unfair to you. It is not worth it and you never know how deep a person will go to get revenge. Instead, believe in yourself and in your work. As long as you know you have done your best, keep writing. You don’t have to be friends with negative people but it’s better not to make them enemies either. You can’t control how they think or what they say so don’t even try. Shake it off as best you can. By doing so, you are not forgiving them, you are supporting yourself.

William: Suzi, I really do appreciate you sitting down and taking the time to answer my questions today.

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Alright, here is my rant post. I’m pulling my hair out, and I’m about ready to toss my computer through the window because this frustrates me to a core. I’m calling these kind of people “McSpammers,” because they’re like the commercials you want skip during an epic episode of Game of Thrones, or something. Let me explain these people for you.

You’re sitting on facebook talking to a friend. Your news feed explodes with like 20 new stories. Kind of weird because life is not usually that exciting on your facebook unless someone dies, or there’s a tragedy in the news. (Which oddly is happening more often than usual) Anyways, you’re talking to some friends and these stories pop up. You scroll to the top to see what’s new and it’s just 20 posts of someone’s book. Your eyes widen, then you roll them with disgust as you click the arrow in the top right corner to ignore these stories.

A few minutes later, your twitter explodes and its the same person. Then, your email is going nuts at the same time. It’s like a apocalyptic disaster of spams from one person because they are excited about the book they are putting out there. For them, yes, it’s exciting, but for you it’s two more posts away from wanting to destroy everything on your desktop. You proceed to message the person to slow down or stop, but it’s like an atomic bomb goes off in that person’s head and you receive a hundred more posts.

You scream in the computer, “Really?! Are you doing this to me out of spite?!”

It’s not like the world is coming to an end, but in your eyes it seems that someone is playing a prank on you. You finally decide to block the person, but the scary thing is, their promotions show up on the right hand corner of your screen, reading “Trending Now”

So if you’re excited about publishing your book, that’s great. Congratulations! You have done something not many people have the discipline pr determination to do. Just help everyone keep their sanity by not posting just about your novel, service, or blog 24/7 without a single muse, poem, or story to back it. If we’re interested in it, we’ll like it and read it. As soon as we start seeing hundreds of spam messages though, your name gets tossed into the spam folder. Then, how do you get those readers you lost back? Maybe write something else that doesn’t just promote your book or self? Maybe even take interest in other’s work.

Rant over…

Baby Steps

We all have those moments, where we want something so bad we can almost taste it, feel it, or smell it. Whatever desire you may want now, it is always a long road to retrieving it. The question I always ask myself when I want something is, what am I doing to get closer to that goal or that item I want? Am I working twice as hard to get it, or am I simply looking for short cuts that will eventually get me to my ultimate goal?

I browsed through a few books the past year about authors trying to inspire and teach people how to write. A lot of the advice was great advice. The only problem is, these writers took the plunge and decided to write full time. Now, that is an awesome story, but we all can’t be those writers that get handed a fancy check and a deal that’ll send us to the promise land. No, no, no, these writers did not just one day say, “Yup, I’m going to be a writer and I’m going to be a bestseller by the end of the year.”

There’s a difference between hard work and short cuts. For instance, I was hiking up Stone Mountain with Nadine a few months ago and we decided that it wasn’t going to be that long of a hike up the mountain. We brought two bottles of water, but they were only half full. (Big Mistake!) We climbed halfway up the side of the mountain, and we were exhausted. Now, I haven’t climbed up Stone Mountain for a long time, but we reached almost the peak of the mountain when we had almost no energy left to push forward. At that moment, I couldn’t remember if there was water at the top of the mountain because if there wasn’t, we were going to have to take the lift back down the mountain. We actually thought about cutting our hike short and walking back down the mountain from where we were because we were so tired. We ended up sitting down and talking about it. We decided to take the chance and continue forward up the mountain and to our surprise, there was a small concession stand at the top.

Now, if we had decided to give up when the mountain was getting steep, rocky, and tough, we would’ve missed out on the reward at the top. Our walk back to the car would have been torture without quenching our thirsts and feeding our bellies. Now, the reward for our trek up the mountain may not have meant much for some people, but to us, it was like gold pouring from the bottles.

When I think about this experience in my life, I think of what it’s like as a writer. We sit down at our place of meditation. Our fingers cramp up and press through the words. Our mind eventually becomes exhausted at a certain point because writing is a tough task for a lot of people. Especially when there are distractions that invade your writing time like Facebook, twitter, a spouse, television, events, friends, and family. We all have different responsibilities that interfere with our writing, but do we let it bring us down or aggravate us? No, most of the time it doesn’t. That is why, baby steps are the key to creating a piece of work that holds value to its readers.

I heard a story once about a woman who wrote twenty-one books within a year. She had them all published and now, she is just reaping the benefits. Now, I have many questions about this story because I want to know how many pages the books are, how well written are they, and how is the character development? Did she take a few short cuts in her writing to the point where her points were lost?

Also, I talked to an author once who said they wrote for eight hours a day and wrote at least 10,000 words a day or more. In my opinion, this is an awesome feat. Someone writing 10,000 words a day is a tough task, but it was a lot of dedication on her part. She ended up quitting her job and wrote full time. This caused her to sit down and have to write everyday to be able to provide an income for her family. Now, she’s doing very well with her career and continues to write professionally. She didn’t take any short cuts cause she spends a lot of time on outlines to be able to create these worlds in her head. Her outline, just like with any other author, is the life of her story.

These are just two stories I’ve heard over the last year and they are wonderful stories. Now, my type of writing is in baby steps now. I use to attempt to write at least 6,000-10,000 words a day back in February, but I was burnt out when the next month rolled in. I actually took a week break and didn’t get much done after I hit a spot in the story where I was lost. I did everything the author suggestion: create an outline, keep notes of all of your characters’ descriptions, draw maps for your world, and keep writing. The last part I kind of ignored with the keep writing part because I didn’t know which way I was going with my story after I had stopped writing for a week. That’s why writing is a lifestyle.

I currently have brought my word counts down to 500-1,000 words a day. I promote my work occasionally on social media, but I’m finding myself writing more through my blog. I actually enjoy doing this and writing books. Maybe one day I can finally reap the award of becoming a New York Times Bestseller, but even if I don’t reach that goal, I can at least say I made a few people happy with my writing. That really is the ultimate goal to spread the secret to happiness and inspiration.

Happy Blogging!


I was sitting in bed today thinking about things that I am grateful for, especially since for the last year my mind focused a lot on the negative. I heard from a nifty book once that if you focus on all the positives in your life and place yourself in the vision that you have for yourself, you will eventually live in that dream. Now, I dream to be Tony Stark with an Iron Man suit one day, but for now, I will am going to list all of the things I am currently grateful for.

1. I am grateful for my mom and dad for being a live and healthy. For also, helping me get through the times that were not my brightest hours.

2. I’m grateful for my fiance for keeping her chin up for me when I have been down. I also am grateful that her love has kept me going for the last five years.

3. I’m grateful for having a job that keeps food on the table and clothes on my back.

4. I’m grateful for having the eyes to see what I am writing and the fingers to be able to write what I am feeling.

5. I’m grateful that I have readers that actually enjoy my posts, and I am grateful for the one’s that challenge my thoughts as well.

6. I am grateful to be alive and wake up to more sunny days than rainy days.

7. I’m grateful to be able to live in a country where I am free to express myself without penalty.

8. I am grateful for the men that died to keep our country free.

9. I’m grateful for the positive thoughts that pop up in my head daily. I’m also grateful for learning how to not worry or stress over the things that do not matter right now.

10. I’m grateful to know that I continue to have ideas in my head for my stories everyday and do not suffer from writer’s block too much anymore.

11. I am grateful that there are writers that ask me for my suggestions on their writings and want my help.

12. I’m grateful for when my checks from work are bigger than usual.

13. I’m grateful to have a grandmother that I know.

14. I’m grateful for having a sibling that listens to me even if I do run off into a rant at times.

15. I’m grateful for the people that are still in my life even when times were bumpy in the past.

Write down your list of what you’re grateful for. It doesn’t have to be on here. It can be on your own page or the comments below. If you’re looking to make a change in your life, don’t focus on the negatives. Start with a list of things that you’re grateful for that make you happy. It’s the first step of following what you want in your life.

Happy blogging!

Authors Looking for Reviews

I’m going to start reviewing self published/ traditionally published author’s works. The best part is, instead of me telling you I’ll review it if you send me a free copy, I’m going to actually pay for your book. I will accept anyone’s interest in me reviewing your book and because I want to support the world of writing. Like music, we all have to make a living some how, and right now, I want to support you guys, and give you an honest review at my own wallets expense. If you are interested, please send me a message on here. If this gets to be a little crazy with submissions, please be patient with me. Right now, it’s first come, first serve.

To add the cherry to this, for every tenth author that submits their name and book, I will purchase their paperback. For every twentieth, I will purchase the hardback. Ready, set, GOOOO!!!!!

My Testimony

I was sitting in my office the other night thinking about how I could put my new perspective into words. I’m just going to put what happened to me three months ago out there. Here is my testimony.

Last year, I had stepped down from my position as an Assistant Produce Manager because I wanted to pursue a writing career. I enjoyed writing books and articles, but for a while it seemed like nothing was panning out for me. Eventually it got to the point where I realized I was only writing because I wanted to make money and turn it into a career. Yes, this is a dream we all have and very few of us actually get to live it.

I sat down one night and typed up a post on this blog about how I felt like I was settling into the darkest places of my mind. Everything seemed to not fall into place the way I wanted it to. I was jealous of small things in other people’s lives because they seemed so happy and content with the life they were living. Then, I realized social media will always portray the good, and rarely the bad. My dark place led to my constant drinking to numb whatever was panging at my brain every night. My writing seemed to turn into a hell that I did not want to pull myself to anymore because I felt like I had failed with my first novel. It hurt to know that I was not as GREAT as my ego made me out to be. I deceived many on social media with lavish pictures of me going out with friends and wearing clothes that I had bought on my manager salary. It was all materialistic and fake.

I didn’t realize I had a spending problem until I stepped down from being an assistant. My checks went to expensive surround sound systems, televisions, video games, buying more of my books, and a nice brand new car. I mean, I thought I was living in heaven, but I never really saw the negative of what would happen if things didn’t work out with my writing. My readers, friends, and family praised me for my story. It was a great moment in my life, but I had a hard time sitting at the computer to work on my books because I only wanted to enjoy the materialistic things that were in my life. This is where I was in the wrong place.

After I stepped down, I stopped writing for about three months. I focused on just working and trying to make ends meet. I was worried about how I would pay my credit cards, my mortgage, my car, insurance, food, gas, and utilities. I mean, I was a wreck for a long time. My fiance talked to me and her mom was very generous to help me with my car, which I still appreciate dearly today. I even know my mother and father to help me out too on rainy days when I really need help, whether it is a few dollars for the mortgage, or the doctor when I’m ill. I thank god now every day for the support system around me that will help me get through the toughest rode I’ve walked on yet.

I went out and started applying for other jobs because I was in disgust with the job I was at, and I am currently at now. My new job search started with a restaurant needing a waiter. I received a call literally thirty minutes after I turned the application in. The place was desperate, but I felt like I could do better because the job I currently had was better with benefits, hours, and pay. I walked out of the interview shaking my head with utter disbelief.

I continued to apply for more jobs and ended up at a gas station. The pay was less, but I was desperate for anything other than where I was working currently. I went to the interview, orientation, and even the first day of training. You guys probably remember my post about this job and how much I didn’t like it. I ended up walking away from it after the first day because my gut feeling told me to walk away after I heard about a girl and manager getting shot behind the place a few weeks prior. Thanks for the opportunity, but I can’t see myself ending up dead behind a dumpster. So I walked away.

I ended up going to an interview for another job at a retailer that i liked. I had a great interview, the pay was better, and it seemed like the place I needed to be at. I took my drug test the next day. I was suffering from a really bad case of strep throat so I was a little woozy through the whole experience. This time though I called two weeks later like they told me to about my drug test if they didn’t respond. The hiring manager said to call back because she was in an orientation. She was all snooty and treated me like a dog over the phone. (Or maybe that’s just how I heard it. Who knows.) I called the next week and left a message. I didn’t hear anything for two or three days. At this time, I had already given my other job my availability which was 3 days a week. Only 18 hours. I went through this stretch for almost a month and a half. I couldn’t wait any longer cause I was getting behind on bills again. I emailed the retailer that hired me and no response. I called two more times and no response. Pretty much there has still been no response.

I ended up going to my boss and telling her to up my hours back to 35 to 40 hours. So she did because I’m one of her best workers. I started getting back on track with my bills and trying to get my priorities squared away. Then, a turning point hit me, and I don’t know what happened, but I was going home one night from work. My heart was heavy, and I was in so much pain. I could not pinpoint what it was from. I know I had been struggling with depression most of the year last year, but this time, it was unbearable. It got to the point where I had to pull over and just slam my head on the steering wheel. I couldn’t concentrate on the road, and my eyes were blinded by my tears. Everything I had hoped for. My dreams, my wishes, everything felt like it no longer mattered. I had lost hope in myself…

I grabbed my phone and flipped through a few of the contacts, but I didn’t want anyone to know what I was feeling. I didn’t want to bother them with my problems. My problems were always written on here, and I always let my readers and friends on here get me through the rocky road I was on. Then, something happened that I haven’t done since I was fifteen years old, or so, when I found out my cousin had passed away. I bowed my head, clasped my hands together, and prayed. I prayed for myself, for my family, for everything. I felt goosebumps rise up my arms and across my chest. It was like someone was holding me in their arms. It was one of the most amazing and comforting feelings I had experienced through everything the last few months. Nothing could compare to the comfort that I had felt. Even now when I remember what happened three months ago in the rain, still gets me a little teary eyed. If it wasn’t for that moment of desperation for help and hope that someone was watching over me and wanting to save me from my thoughts, I would probably not be here now. If I had gone home without that one prayer to Jesus, I would have taken my own life…

I went to church the next few weeks and felt empowered like I can change my life. If I am really not as happy as I want to be, I can change it. I just need to do it and stop letting computers, games, movies, and cell phones distract me. I turned off my phone and cable for about a month or two. I let myself focus on myself, my writing, and my relationship with Nadine. Everything started to piece back together and I felt like I had control over my life again. I was going to work with a smile on my face, I was writing for hours on end, and I could feel the Lord with me through it all.

One night I was sitting at my computer writing a post for my blog when I received a message on facebook. This was after I turned everything back on cause I needed to communicate with some of my contacts about my book. I had a friend from high school message me. She told me her testimony and her husband did as well. It was like she came back into my life for a reason. She pointed out scriptures that I needed to read, and she still does today. I tell myself all the time that there was a reason she communicated with me because she found me through my author website because she randomly had a thought in her head about me. She was curious to know what was going on with me. She looked me up on facebook and found my author page, then messaged me on my personal page. She thought I was doing fantastic since I published  a book, but I really wasn’t. We talked and she made me realize that I am not the only one with problems. There are bigger problems going on in other people’s lives, and I am sitting here getting depressed over unpaid bills that will not kill me. Her words to me helped me move past my past and live in the present.

After this, I started listening to my preacher’s sermons closer and finding the messages in them. I even started reading the bible to learn more about the beginning and the stories of the old and new testament. Now, I sit here and feel joy inside me. I’ve found that no matter what struggles you are dealing with today, no matter what road you are walking on, and no matter how easy your life may be so far, we all are going to experience something that will be a turning point in our lives. Whether it’s writing a book, traveling around the world, or finding that love you have been waiting eagerly for. We all will experience a turning point that will lead us to where we need to be.

If you feel like you are not where you need to be in your life, then change it. Lead yourself in the direction you want to go. Try to love what you do, even if it is a job that you do not enjoy. We all focus so much I doing things that we love and making money off of it. Yes, it is great to be paid for the things we love to do, but what if we loved what we did without the monetary value? What if we played music for the love of it, wrote for the love of it, played sports for the love of it? I mean, society has turned so much to making those millions, but if that is engulfed in your mind are you really going to continue to love what you enjoy?

Tomorrow we’re all going to wake up, and do our normal routine. Whether it’s make breakfast for the family, roll out of bed to go to work at 4am, or even sleep in till noon, what will you do different from today? Maybe you’ll smile more, maybe you’ll learn of a tragedy that will sink your chest into your gut, or maybe you will open your eyes and hear your calling. Whatever it may be, you can change the outcome of your day if love remains true to your heart for everyone.

Losing Interest

Anyone ever finish their first novel and knew you left it open for a sequel? Did you lose interest in the story after getting half way through the sequel?

I don’t know how many authors suffer from this dilemma, but I know that I do. I finished Horizon last May and published it. It was a great feat just to know that I finally finished a novel, but I wrote a book before that one. One that was never published due to lack of interest on my end. I stopped writing it because I felt it wasn’t ready yet.

I feel like that with Horizon. I’ve had readers ask me about a release date for the sequel Eversoul, but I have yet to even have the energy to want to go back to it. Yes, I’m writing The Temperament Scepter Series currently but that’s because I needed something fresh to oil those creative glands that grind in my brain occasionally.

I could’ve used the excuse of being in a very dark period of my life last year where depression and thoughts of suicide constantly egged me on. Thank God this didn’t follow through for me, and I found that a simple prayer and people brought me back on my journey. I actually recently started thinking of ways to return to unfinished novels and maybe it’ll help some of you like it has me.

1. Outline your while trilogy.

Outlining I have found has been a fantastic tool to stay on topic and gives yourself goals to reach each week. Writers always skip this step, but honestly, what’s eight hours out of your writing schedule going to do? Plus, of you tend to procrastinate this will nip that in the butt quick.

2. Let friends/family read it.

I have discovered from Horizon that letting loved ones be a part of the writing journey is a great boost. Yes, they may give you sugar coated feedback, but it will help you believe you can do. YOU CAN FINISH THE NOVEL! I know with Horizon my fiance loved the story when I handed her the first three chapters. That alone pushed me to finish the novel. Morale from others definitely helps.

3. Reread your finished novel.

I figured out that if you reread your novel, it will be the true test for whether you continue with a sequel now or later. If you discover no love, or interest for the story then do not continue with the sequel till it’s ready to be told. I actually started the Temperament Scepter a few weeks ago and I am ecstatic about it. I actually thought about the sequel to Horizon and got the flame back for that story now. It helps to move forward sometimes cause ideas can come to life from another story.

4. Have outrageous goals.

Alright, this is a funny one, but it helps me a lot. Nadine (my fiance) always criticizes me for my outrageous goals for books. That’s why I love her though. She definitely brings me back to reality so I don’t get cabin fever. I give myself about two months now to write an entire book. I always extend it because I know there’s times when I need to go outside and be social. So I’ve treated writing like a full time job. Eight hours a day, 10,000 words a day, or two chapters a day. This is my formula now. I have to reach one of these the goals before I out my pen down for the day. This has been huge for me cause I went from writing 3k-6k words a week to almost 20k words a week.

5. Money may talk, but it doesn’t love.

Remind yourself everyday why you write. Never let the illusion of riches and fame blind you. It’s a rare feat. Always write for the love of it because once it becomes a job, you’ll hate it just as quick as you started it. I know I said I treat it like a full time job, but technically it’s more of a meditation time for me. It brings positive energy into my life instead of the negative at my day job.

The ultimate goal for all of us is to be published whether traditional or self published. If you want it enough, you’ll reach your goal. Never let stress, negativity, or naysayers hold you back. You have the ball, so you have to decide if you will make the winning shot. No one is going to hold your hand and tell you how to write a book. I don’t care how many authors publish 66 page books about how to write a book, how to market a book, or whatever is out there now. If you read a how to book on writing faster, ask yourself these two questions: Are you wanting to write faster to earn money quick? Or are do you love the art of writing cause you enjoy the stories bubbling inside you?

Good luck on all of your future endeavors and I hope I’ll be the lucky one to read your first draft.

Notes and Creation

In my last post,  showed you guys my outlining process for my new novel “The Rise of Sargon.” Still a working title I should point out. People tend to wonder where a writer’s inspiration comes from to create words like Middle-Earth and the multiple exotic worlds in Star Wars. Everyone has their own unique way of creating and showing through words/film of these places. Here are my inspirations and what I do to create characters and my world of Eliptica.

1. Read, Watch, and Play

I find that reading books that relate to my story help me learn how to write my descriptions in the manner intended for the genre. It is hard to see a face that is not in front of me though or see images of places around the world that closely relate to locations in the book. What helps me though? I google photos of people, places, and clothes that give me an idea of the time and place my world is set in. Portraits of people definitely helps to envision my characters deeper with the skin textures, hair styles, and eye colors.

I will watch movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, 300, Troy, etc. All of the movies I watch I am learning about morals and principles that each group believes. If I really like a moral, I’ll use it and twist it in my own way. Sometimes I’ll just watch these movies to have a basic idea of what an alien or human would look like long ago. I also enjoy watching these movies but research will always fall into my brain waiting to be cracked open later on.

I will play video games just because they are amazing and what better way to learn what your characters will feel when they win the battle, or I beat the game. There have been so many great ideas for story lines and battle sequences used in games that not many people get to experience. Plus, the feelings that rise when puzzles are solved and daunting journeys are taken to discover a new portion of a map. It all helps in my writing process. Some games I’ll play are The Elder Scrolls, Destiny, and Super Mario Brothers.

2. Music

Music has done wonders for my stories. Epic battle music with just brass and strings are my favorite pieces of music to listen to when I have to create a fight. Two Steps to Hell has most of my favorite pieces that I’ll listen to. I also listen to Five Finger Death Punch and Skillet if I need to pump up the action or just to get my creative juices flowing. I actually will pop in Avril Lavigne and Puddle of Mudd to put my mind in a place for heart break scenes. It all just depends on where I want my head at when I’m writing.

A few bands I love and enjoy, but avoid listening to while writing. Korn, Disturbed, Slip Knot, and any metal band that really distracts me. I avoid these bands because the fast paced singing/ intricate guitar leads make it hard to concentrate. I have written scenes where I lose my train of thought and start writing pieces of these guy’s lyrics cause I’m singing them in my head. Like I said I love them but they’re for another day.

3. Personal Experiences

I put a lot of my life experiences into my novels. I recently fell into a dark part of my life and struggled to find a way out. These times really help me discover a place that I want my main character to feel. I’ll have joy in my life as well that I’ll use too. Like meeting my fiance or traveling to beautiful places like Europe or the Bahamas. Many locations I’ll keep in my head so later I can write about the smells and the beauty that I had experienced.

I remember writing Horizon while I was intoxicated. My finance enjoyed it but it took me too long to finish because I kept having to back track to remember what I wrote. My suggestion is do not write while intoxicated. Just write notes and read them later.

I’ve laid out all of my inspirations and techniques to bring my mind to the world of Eliptica in this post. I hope this helps everyone look for new destinations to use as you crack away at your novel. I’d like to know what you guys do as well. So if you have any thing to add, questions, or want to know more about me, just throw it in the comments below. Thank you all for reading my posts and good luck with all of your writings.

Early Morning

I woke up early this morning because I’m finally getting this AC fixed today. So today is going to be one of my catch up days. i needed to start early with blogging because I probably won’t get a chance to post anything later. I also have to catch up on both of my shows, America’s Got Talent and The Strain. Work has been pretty brutal on Labor Day Weekend. I think it’s time for me to really dig deep and get these novels written. I know I have a passion for writing but like a fellow blogger said earlier last week or two weeks ago. When you hit that 20,000 words mark, it is like the dead zone for creativity.

I’m still trying to ponder on some books to read since I’ve already gone through my collections three times around these last few months. If you have suggestions, they would be appreciated. Also, if you have a novel that you’d like for me to review or just read, please let me know. I pretty much read any genre these days.

And I’m Back!

I’ve been away for a day, and I have slowed down on my posts this last week. I have been having to work some long shifts and been stuck at work constantly. Plus, I’ve been working on my novel Eversoul, as well as, Allen Dread. It has been a very hectic few days, especially from my episodes last week with my body. Just to give you guys an update, I’m fine. I do not have what I thought I had. I just have to watch my diet and drink a lot more water. Anyways, I want to thank all of you here who have been emailing me and messaging me with your concerns. 


Last night I got to watch America’s Got Talent with Nadine. I don’t know if there are any other bloggers who watch this show, but we have been watching it for the last two or three years. We always record the new episodes. I really do enjoy watching some of the crazy acts that are out there today. Even if they are the most moronic. I know last night there were two magicians that didn’t really do magic, but their presentation was on point. Plus, adding in a little bit of comedy to the act really helped them to gain my vote. I’m sure if you watch you may know who I’m talking about. Now, there were some very disappointing ones like Ieti (SP) Holy crap! Did this guy bomb his performance or what? It was so bad, Nadine actually had to ask me if I was okay cause I was so embarrassed for the guy. I couldn’t watch or listen. It was almost as bad as a horror movie where you don’t want to watch, but you peak through your finger holes to see what happens. It was a nightmare.

I’m going to say this now, a person’s story should never be the reason you vote for them. There are two acts that are like this on America’s Got Talent,. one is Ieti, he is a marine, who fought in Iraq for six months I believe. If you listen to him, you will definitely know the reason people are voting. HIS FREAKIN’ BACK STORY! I mean, think about it we eliminate  someone with a better talent because this joke had to step in with his military background. (No offense to the military) I have a lot of respect for the guys fighting for my freedom. Thank you so much for your service. I’m just saying the back story is not going to produce a miracle for someone who can’t sing. 

There is also Miguel. I don’t think this is so much his back story, I think it is more his charisma. The women love him, but he just doesn’t have the passion that I’m looking for in an act. I mean, if he totally bombed his act, i wonder how many people would be cheering for him? More than likely all of them, but would he be happy with knowing he is only being recognized for his good looks instead of his talent? I’m sure he doesn’t care as long as he wins, but I don’t know how I would be able to sleep at night knowing that fact about myself.



We also had the opportunity to watch The Strain. Okay, this episode last night really woke me up for this show. I actually had chills in a few parts and the ending is making me beg for me. I am extremely excited about the episode on Sunday. If you are missing out on this show, definitely give it a go because it’s an awesome twist to this whole vampire craze going on right now! I don’t want to talk too much about this show because I could only explain it best with spoilers, and I don’t want to take that away from anyone interested in it. I just want to say so far, it’s an amazing show for me. Not as good as The Walking Dead, but it is more than likely going to be up there with The Walking Dead in a few seasons from now.

What am I reading?


I found this book from the blogger who wrote it last week. I haven’t had much time to sit down and read, but so far this book is actually a must for anyone who enjoys Star Wars, ogres, halfogres, and gnomes. There are many more creatures in this book too. It has a lot of space travel and science fiction elements so if you’re into that genre, this is a must have.