Shameless Self Promotion!

Alright bloggers and friends. Here’s your chance to take the opportunity to share and promote your work. You can post anything you would like and a word to the wise toss in your facebook pages as well. We are a community of artists that should embrace each other. Share, reblog, like, everyone is invited to join!! Continue reading

Selling my Stuff on Ebay

Soooo I’ve run into a little kink in the creative road and I’m stuck in financial troubles. It’s okay though I just found a second job today so I’ll make it through. Anyways, I wanted to just throw this out there. I am selling collectables, Antiques and furniture onĀ  my ebay page. If you’d like to check out done of the items listed so far my username is lloyd.jr2011. I’m still adding more things so let me know what you think in the comments below!!

Comic book

So I’m about to jump into something very new to me other than being a reader to comics. I’m about to create a comic book series with a co worker of mine. Any suggestions from comic book writers/artists? I’ll post samples once we piece everything together.