2014-07-20 20.56.20

Today is my day off from the usual stocking up fruits and vegetables. I really had no plans except cleaning the house a little bit. (I don’t know if that will happen today.) I had to take our husky, Luna to the vet yesterday. If you don’t know me already, I am engaged, so if I ever say our or we, and you’re wondering who is with me, I’m more than likely suggesting Nadine, the love of my life.

Right now, I’m sitting in the office with Luna trying to come up with some more chapters for my upcoming book, Eversoul, which I’ve changed the release date to December since the first installment, Horizon had a lot of buzz with my fans. I will hopefully have a few chapters posted for you guys in the future.

Anyways, all we’ve had here in Georgia are humid mornings, scorching hot afternoons, and thunderstorms after 5 pm. It has been the most bipolar weather I’ve seen in the last few weeks, and it’s throwing me off of my sleep cycle. The question I have today though is: Why do people seem to go stupid during storms?

I only say this because the last three days have had some very interesting moments with people just in town. I came home from work Friday and found myself stuck in the middle of a crazy storm. I was pulling out of the parking lot and was cut off as soon as I was leaving. Then, a car decided to stop in front of me…. Really?! I mean, this person was on the highway, no lights, no stop signs, no accidents. They just decided, “Hey, I’m going to stop and text for a bit.” I pull around them, see what they are doing, and feel like grabbing a sledge hammer and busting in their windshield for such idiocy.

The next incident was going to the liquor store that night. I had just got home from work, decided I was going to take a nap and eat something afterwards. This didn’t happen unfortunately, but I did get a text from Nadine asking me to run by the liquor store to pick up some coke and rum. (Yes, these are our two favorite mixtures) So I leave the warm bed and get dressed. I’m on the road and the lightning is fierce. It was almost tranquil seeing the road light up in half second intervals, possibly longer, I was pretty exhausted from a long day of attending to fruits and vegetables. Anyways, I pull up to the liquor store. At first, I couldn’t find this damn place because it’s wedged in between a bank and what looks like a doctor’s office. (I have no clue, but it’s kind of creepy.) So I walked up to the doors feeling soaked, tired, and hungry.

I walk inside to find the many aisles of liquor, but I could not find what I was looking for. Apparently, they had just gone through a remodel and moved all the rum to its own tiny corner in the back of the store. I possibly looked like a teenager unsure of what I wanted because guess who is following close behind me, the security guard. I glance over my shoulder at this thin, shrimp with a handle bar mustache just staring at me. Okay, I do respect the law, I’m just not too fond of guys staring at me like I’m a piece of meat or something. I finally find the bottle of Captain Morgan. I walk to the cashier, ready to leave and go home, and she sits there and talks to the security guard. (I mean, c’mon, I want to go home!!!) Coincidentally, his name was Will too. She wasn’t paying attention to me and I waited a few minutes. Finally, I say, “Hey! Wake up!” She looks back startled and the security guard had a kind of off look to him.

So you’d think, “hey, let’s go back to the door and go home.” Well, apparently they had a separate exit I had to go through. I’m like what?! So the cashier raised her voice to me saying, I have to take the other exit and the guard nodded his head. I know this story is probably one of those in the moment kind of deals, but I was pissed. I don’t know why tonight was so miserable. It was either because I was already cranky, or because these two were the two most worthless pieces of crap I have ever seen. I prefer to think the second choice.

After this day of work, rain, and idiots, I finally was able to eat, drink and sleep. I only talk about this kind of day because it seems like rainy days are the only time I run into dumb asses. If you feel the same way, you can share your story with me. I love humor and excitement.