Deadly Dominance by Adam Reese and Alexia Vice



Adam Reese & Alexia Vice have taken DARK to a whole new level!

5 Star Erotica Horror “Deadly Dominance” by Adam Reese and Alexia Vice. Check out this sexy tale of horror and BDSM today! Available on Amazon for $1.99 and free on KU.


Graphic Violence, Sexual Content, Language, and Drug Use


I’m Back (Allix Booth)

After a long six months of being away from my blog, I have finally returned with some big surprises for you guys. I’m now officially writing under a pen name which as the heading says, “Allix Booth”. Since you guys were the ones that really sparked this new side of me to life throughout the last year, I want to extend an invitation to all of you to come check out my cover reveal event on Facebook happening January 31, 2016. “The Temperament Scepter”, will be the first book I have published in the last two years and it is a dark epic fantasy.

Please come check out the event it has an uploaded book teaser trailer of my new novel as well as information on the event. There will also be multiple guest authors taking over the event, which will be especially exciting because these guys have busted their tails on some truly remarkable pieces of work.

“To All a Good Night” Holiday Short Story



The breeze sneaked through the crack in the window as the noises in the house disturbed Adam Ballinger from his slumber. He rustled under his covers, feeling the cold tickle his feet. This was no ordinary Christmas Eve; there was something whispering in the trees. Lifting himself from the bed, the young boy rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Another thump from downstairs made him thrilled that Santa had finally arrived. He swung his feet from the bed and tiptoed across the oak floor. Not one little peep came from the boy’s mouth.

A jingle and jangle echoed from the tree downstairs just around the corner from the last step of the stairs. He pressed his back to the wall, cautiously creeping to investigate the noises, but there was something sinister in the air. It was not jolly and filled with joy. Tonight the cold air was like a ghost warning him to run back upstairs and hide under his bed.

The wicked giggle broke the silence. An eruption of sparks and whistles cascaded around the corner. Adam continued to the final stair and when he peeked around the corner Santa was not there. It was an estranged elf sitting at the stoop of the fireplace. A cigar balanced between his fiery red lips and his round doll eyes twinkled with a blaze of hate. The boy stepped into the doorway and watched the elf blow a puff of smoke from his mouth. The bell jingled from the end of his hat as he rubbed the stubble across his jaw.

“Where is Santa?” Adam asked with a shiver. “And why are you not in his workshop?”

“Kid, it’s all a lie. There is no Santa Claus that funnels down the chimney or reindeer that fly. Your mother and father lied. It is all a hoax to distract you from reality.” The elf coughed and got to his feet. His green shoes curled back like the ends of candy canes.

“Who are you? Why are you saying those things?” He stepped back to the doorway. His eyes rolled over to the staircase, where the shadows toiled from the tree branches outside.

“I’m the helper that haunts your dreams on Christmas Eve. The Christmas spirit you never hear about in the dark abyss.” The elf walked towards Adam and flicked the cigar into the tree. The embers caught the rug on fire and the branches engulfed in flames instantly.

Adam watched as the joy turned to horror. He tripped on the first step and crawled to the top landing. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw saliva dripping from the elf’s sharp teeth, the elf’s eyes thirsting for Adam’s blood. He ran down the hallway, but the door extended further from him. His tiny little fingers wiggled in the air, but he could not reach the door handle. A tug on his ankle made him roll across the floor. When he flipped over onto his back, he saw the elf overpowering him and glaring down at him like an insane elf from hell. Adam crossed his arms over his eyes.

“Mom, Dad, help me!” His cries rattled the walls of the hall and a light consumed the darkness. “Help!” he screamed as the elf’s sharp nails dug into his neck.

The bitter cold no longer gave him chills. Heat underneath his back and around his face made him cry harder. Flames surrounded him and smoke billowed overhead.


The noise pounded in his head as a hand grabbed him from the hallway. His body was whipped into the air and he was hung over someone’s shoulder like a sack. His eyes burned from the heat and he dared not try to speak. A final jolt through the front door brought the cold Christmas air rippling down his back. He looked up into the sky at the white specks of snow, the moon hanging high, and the trees rustling in the wind. When he saw the fire truck and the police cruisers in the cul-de-sac, he realized the fire had consumed the house.

“You’re going to be okay, kid!” the firefighter yelled, plopping Adam onto the back of an ambulance. The man turned to the police. “I’m going back in to find any other survivors.”

Adam watched the windows explode, shards of glass glistening in the air. Pieces of the curtain fabric blew through the broken windows. It was a ruined Christmas for Adam, but was the elf only a dream? He looked up towards his parents’ bedroom. There was the menace, blood dripping from his lips. The glint from his mother’s wedding ring twinkled from the severed hand. It was not a dream, the fire was a distraction and Christmas was the fuel that awakened the beast.

A blinding light flashed over Adam’s shoulder. He saw his father running towards him with another woman – the neighbor a few houses down. Adam closed his eyes as tears rolled down his cheeks, but all the chaos disappeared in a matter of a blink. A chill brushed his sleeve, and when he opened his eyes, he heard the sound again.


The room was black and the chill from the open window tickled his feet. He was excited because Santa was finally here. Adam flipped his feet over the side of the bed and ran to the door. He raced down the hall to the stairs where an orange glow lit the foyer below. When he turned the corner, the elf was waiting with a blood-stained grin. The elf dragged his feet towards the boy and flicked the cigar at the tree. Flames engulfed it instantly.

“You thought you could run. How did that work for you? You even hid like a mouse in a hole. You will always remember this night especially because you caused your mother’s death.” The elf gestured its head towards the floor.

Adam looked down and there was the culprit: a pack of matches between his feet. He turned around to discover the fire consumed the walkway behind him. The elf’s lips curled back into his mouth as he reached out to grab Adam.

“They all think they can escape their nightmares, but your fate was already decided when you died with the flames…”

William Lloyd Biography

William Lloyd has a home in Atlanta, Georgia, where he enjoys spending his days playing music and watching football. His specialty genres are horror and suspense as well as science fiction/fantasy. He released his first novel Horizon in May 2014 and is currently working on a new novella called Afterlife: What Happens Next. He loves playing golf, video games on PlayStation 3, and reading horror novels in the evenings. He attended college at the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he studied Audio and Video Production.

Author Page

Stalking the Shadows

He walks in the shadows waiting for his prey to play.
The shadows are haunted by his presence everyday.
The eyes of his enemies look carefully, weary of their fate.
Although, they may think they are safe, he will wait.
His strength will overcome the armies of his closest enemies,
But his desire to kill will burn much less every time he speaks to thee.

He roams the streets all day causing devastation.
His mind is after the men who cause abominations.
The soldiers live their life in fright from his determination.
The fire burns in his eyes as he continues his excavation.
He will change the world in the events of another assassination.

The assassin peers down from the tower at the guards below.
He waits for the monarch to come out of the tall wooden doors.
The days fly by and it was like yesterday that his family was ceased.
His father and brothers murder, while his mother and sister exiled overseas .
Ten years have passed and still there are more questions yet to be answered.
Still the men that broke his family are free and continuing the conspiracy.

He roams the streets all day causing devastation.
His mind is after the men who cause abominations.
The soldiers live their life in fright from his determination.
The fire burns in his eyes as he continues his excavation.
He will change the world in the events of another assassination.

They thought justice could be found in trial,
But justice was made when the assassin came to town.

Inside This Complex Mind

I’ve been sitting here by my computer, at work, or simply in bed trying to think of something to write for my new novel, Eversoul. I ran into blogging when I was researching ways to inspire new and fresh ideas. I think I’m going to try this out, let some of my readers and future fans see inside whatever fucked up ideas I have spiraling in my mind.

Inside of me I just don’t know what I can do. I hear ads and movies say that “anyone can do anything they set their heart to.” Honestly, right now, I’ve been losing a lot of hope in the dreams I’ve worked so hard to try to fulfill. I gave up on music four years ago thinking that the path I was taking was going to bring me happiness. Think about it, I had job security, insurance, and retirement. The package was great but deep inside me was dying. It was like a festering demon that wanted to just tear my insides out and boil them over a scorching flame. I know suicide crossed my mind a few times during some of the rougher periods, but I would never do that. I feel like there’s more to offer. I’m only 25, and I haven’t even faced the real challenges yet.

Right now, I stock produce all day. Five times a week, sometimes four if I’m lucky. Every day is almost a struggle to try to put a smile on my face when I walk into that place. I see the fake faces that act like they care about you as a person, when actually, they just want you to make their job easier. Even if it means, tearing up your back or dealing with angry customers. I know, I was one of those authority wearing people who kept the associates in line. I also use to pick and choose what tasks I enjoyed doing. After a while, it dawned on me that it’s not a life working 53 hours a week. I hated waking up at 4 am and working till 4 pm. It was almost like slavery and for a wage that can barely get you by. I overdid myself financially with credit cards so now, I’m totally screwed but in all honesty, I’m happy this happened to me. I’m happy I learned this lesson early in life and can pass this on to my future kids. There’s always going to be a new struggle waiting for me.

After I finished Horizon, I think that was my wake up call. It was the answer I needed to have a better life. I may not make bookoo money like some authors. I may not be a superstar in the eyes of people around me, but I am happy to see people who are interested in my ideas.

We’ve all been in that place where we have been lost. We feel deserted. We feel like there’s a group conspiring against us to see us fail instead of succeed. Life has its moments of teaching us how to cope with the negative, but when have we ever looked past that? When have we ever had the worst day of our life, and could see a positive outlook on the day?

I’ve always let those negative feelings bear me down when I lie on the couch and flip through channels. When did we get so consumed in the life that is on the screen and not on our own? Have we come to the cross-road, where Hollywood and corporations have fabricated a perfect life that we should have in our minds?

After studying my past and finding the cause of my problems, I realize that we are obsessed with our belongings. We are obsessed with people seeing the new toy that we have. It’s almost sickening to know that our life has turned into a circus. We have auctioned off what truly matters in our life to corporations, so they can steal our pride and bask in their thievery.

You MUST have people around you that bring joy to your life. You don’t have much time to live. Take a leap of faith and try to build on yourself. Don’t let naysayers pull you down cause hell they’re not you. They don’t have the ability of being the person you could be. You are an inspiration, a hero, and a leader! If I can believe in myself to achieve greatness, you can too. Don’t let one bump pull you back any further. Leap over it and make something of yourself.