Things to Consider

I was just going through Amazon Kindle’s unlimited section on my phone. I came across a book that looked like an interesting book to read, and I saw it had about 1500 reviews. Most were four and five stars. There were a decent about of 3 and 1 stars though. After reading some of the bad reviews, they all had the same complaint about the style of this author. After reading a lot of the 5 stars, it was very narrow minded explanations and not as much detail as the bad ratings. Now, what I gathered from this review is that the author forgets what her main character looks like, and some of her characters act childish with situations even though they are professional engineers. This really had me thinking for a moment because this seems to be one of her first books.

I understand as a first time writing there will be many mistakes, especially if you self-publish. I made that mistake on the first printing of Horizon, then I went back and fixed what my readers had issues with. It wasn’t so much the story line at all, more of editing errors. Let’s just say I learned my lesson quick. So now, I have this second novel I’m working on. I’ve learned from my first book that planning and brainstorming is the most important part of writing.

It took me about five years to finish my first book and it was mostly because I was following politics and researching a lot about the material I was writing about. Now, I’m working on Phantom Force with a totally new approach. I’m planning the chapters ahead of time, writing the characters descriptions, and drawing maps of the areas these characters visit. It almost seems like it’s easier to write this novel only because I have a better perspective of who my characters really are.

I understand everyone is not going to love what I write, but I would rather them totally not enjoy the genre/story than get frustrated with grammatical errors, poor character development, and lack of research. Just remember don’t rush to publish your first novel because it could hurt in the long run. Good luck with your writing everyone!