There are going to be many writers that post on here about how to write fiction. I wanted to go through the process in my head when I start writing my own fiction novels. Now, you can follow my lead on what I do if you’d like, but there is no true way to writing fiction. We all have our own minds and creative worlds. This is what runs through my mind when I start writing:

1. Where to freaking start? I’m sitting in bed with Doritos crunched beneath my armpit playing Destiny or Battlefield. My fingers are tapping the controller and my eyes are engulfed in the world before me. Did I just have an idea that involved Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters? Maybe a military idea where my character is on a Black Ops mission and continuously dies and wakes up to another mission? I may be losing my mind and my time wasting it on games, but hell, it’s fun try an lose myself in a world I didn’t create. Sometimes it’s the best way to start a world that I want to create.

2. These behind the scenes options on Lord of the Rings are really making me break down my ideas into time slots? If I treated my novel like some directors do with a movie, I would write all the exciting scenes that would put myself at the edge of my seat, while those boring scenes that connect the dots resonate in the air. Why do I call them boring scenes? I call them this because it’s the back story that leads to this massive battles, crazy twists, or erotic romances. Do you really think your work doesn’t have at least two- three boring chapters in it?

I remember one chapter took me almost two days to write because I just couldn’t stomach myself to write it. It was one of those chapters that helped build on the story, but I just wanted the excitement and the tragedies. Is it because my head is filled with hatred towards a few of my characters? Sometimes. Is it because I want to get on with the story and see what happens to the main character that I love? Definitely.

3. Epic Music is a plus. Rock/Pop/Rap/Country is a no. Not trying to discriminate against all music but when I write I have to listen to music without words. Every time I hear music with lyrics, I end up singing them in my head. I go from writing about soldiers tearing through a battlefield of demons to Taylor Swift Shaking in the middle of a climatic death. How this works for anyone one else, I don’t know. I like to listen to the beefy brass music with the chimes of violins teetering in the background. My imagery has to be pumped with musical steroids for me to see explosions and men fighting behemoths that have the upper hand.

4. Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and email. You fools are the enemy to my creativity. Eventually I have to actually type this crap up and you four continuously take a few hours from my time. It’s not your fault, it’s my own. That’s why I disconnect my phone and internet for a few weeks to avoid the temptation. Yes, I may not be able to talk to people that act like they care about me, but at least I can live in my made up world where my invisible friends like to play with me. Did I mention I may be crazy?

5. Alcohol does not boost the process, it only dumbs it up. I remember my hand was cramping up so I had a few shots of Captain Morgan to help numb up my pain. Then, I found out drinking numbs up more than just pain and it numbs up my intellect. If I write while drinking, I will find myself having a tough time understanding what the hell I wrote the night before. Also, it could lead to realizations about myself that I wished would have stayed locked up in those chambers of my mind. Then again, sometimes writing while drinking will create an idea that’ll actually have me wondering, how the hell did we go from New York to the Pacific Ocean in only a page?

These are just a few situations I run into while writing fiction. Some I try to avoid, others I embrace. If you’d like to add your unique writing style, you can add ti in the comments. Maybe we will have something in common.

Announcements For My Upcoming Projects

Horizon Series

Genre: Science Fiction/ Action Adventure

Currently the first novel to this series is out in all formats. I am currently working on the next novel for this series on and off. It will be called Eversoul.

Story: Aaron Lambright is a Marine Biologist that lives in his sailboat at Sydney Harbor in Australia. He is pulled into a government conspiracy that has been ongoing for the last five years. He is approached by the U.S. military outside of his boat, where he is told that his father has fallen to an unknown cause. All of the questions continue to spiral through his head, while his relationship with his current girlfriend, Abigail, is crumbling everyday. His colleague Sandy is the only other human being that can actually connect to him, but how much longer can that last?

The United States government and president have become allies with a company corrupt with greed and power. Amnicore is where artifacts and specimens from an alien planet are being extracted and contracted into the military. Will earth stand a chance against this super army, or will it fall into a apocalyptic end that will wield an upper hand for the man in control of these beings… Our president.


Paperback and Hardback:

The Temperament Scepter Series

Genre: Young Adult/ Epic/ Fantasy

First Novel: Awaken Within The Darkness

Anticipated Release: September 1, 2015

Story: A world ruled by Kings and Queens has been threatened by three entities that command the icy north of Illiad. The Dragon Lords have summoned their draiks to Alabass, where war has ignited between the regions of Illiad and Salcedine. With the resurrection of the Soulless and the dragons terrorizing the central plains of Alabass, Daghen has banned his sorcerers together to fight back. He has pulled together the assistance of Wolf Bloods and Man as well.

The war leads to a draw on both sides and Daghen has been banished from Salcedine for his desertion from his fellow sorcerers. The Dragon Lords now rebuild their army and create a child within the womb of the king’s daughter. The birth of Aldoras comes and with his birth is the struggle to be normal, but fate pulls him to his lineage; a powerful Dragon Lord.

Phantom Force Trilogy

Genre: Science Fiction/ Action Adventure

First Novel: Phantom Force

Anticipated Release: TBA

Story: Murdoch Jones commands a small crew of misfits who are currently the remaining survivors of their planets. He is curious to know what has happened to Earth since the Zethorax took his daughter, his home, and his planet. He travels to the Milky Way system to discover chunks of earth have been pulled from the core and all of its energy has been drained by the Zethorax. The crew continues towards Mars, where possible colonization may have been effective, but there’s only so many places to run within a glass dome and now oxygen outside of it.

A Villain’s Tale

I was writing the first installment of my series The Temperament Scepter a few weeks ago when I realized one of my characters was time jumping way too much in the first ten chapters. I have been extremely interested in knowing more about this character only because I was viewing the story as a reader. Now that I’m working on this characters story, I’ve come to realize that this book is about him, his family, his upbringings, and his downfall to become the villain he is in the second installment of the series.

Now, I’ve always been intrigued by the villain’s background because every villain has a reason for falling into the darkness. Whether it is because they were abused as a child, bullied by their peers, or they simply just want to change something about the world. It all boils down to why is this person acting like this?

Always remember to create a lovable villain. If their is a reason for their madness, then some readers will relate to them and want to know who will fare at the end of the novel.

The Temperament Scepter

Here is a breakdown of my current work of YA, epic fantasy, fiction.

Alexandria Roe has been abandoned in Saldon Forest by her estranged mother. She is attacked by a pack of wolves and is saved by a man, Thomas Eires, who adopts her into his family.

Nine years later, she develops unnatural changes in her body and discovers she has inherited two different genes, one of a sorceress and one of a wolf.

She learns the origins of her new family, but a dark sorcerer has come to Eliptica to find the final piece to the Temperament Scepter. An amethyst that was passed down to Alexandria by her mother.

Will man be able to overcome the greed of riches, or will they help Alexandria on her quest? A life of struggles, lose, and lies wait beyond Eliptica’s borders, where Alexandria will discover the secret of the amethyst and herself…

Day Job to Writing

Today is my last day of work before I get to sit down for five days and work on my epic fantasy. I wanted to use this post as a way to share some neat outlining tricks I’ve recently started trying out. Some of these have made me write constantly for eight to ten hours each day because I have a goal and a determination to meet them. I hope these will help you guys and just remember there is no true way to write a story. I’m just sharing what I’ve found is easier for me.

1. The Timeline



My timeline has all the chapters and events in them. Right now, I have twenty chapters outlined on the novel, but I have added in back story chapters for a few characters. This has helped me to know and love my characters. Also, don’t be afraid to change your timeline; sometimes spending those first four to five hours outlining you may miss a few key chapters that help the readers understand the journey.

2. Character Notestmp_30300-20150220_083153-755828198


As you all know, characters are what drive your story. You have protagonists, antagonists, comedic reliefs, etc. All of these characters have a story, so tell it! Put your main characters as your priority, but some sub characters can create a reason for your main characters to continue their quest. I use a black board to draw out my main family trees, while my wall serves as family trees/ characters that are not as important but remain needed in their own way. Keep these close to you cause characters change and you will need this to follow who they are later on.

3. Maps



Draw a simple map of your world. It doesn’t need to be fancy. I use this to keep track of the journey. It seems unnecessary but believe me maps really do give you the upper hand when you’re trying to plan an epic battle that is taking place in an ocean. Yes, it has occurred to me that names get lost in writing and we create lands over water by accident. Thank you, Sara C. Roethle for reminding of this in your post.

4. Possibly feuds/ Challenges


Right now only one sheet of paper. I’m writing my feuds as I go because some can span across a whole novel. There are eventually more challenges but just note them as you go. Start with the linear feuds then work your way into smaller ones that occur later on.

5. Schedule/ Goals

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2015-02-20 08.51.51

2015-02-20 08.51.28

Here is my last suggestion, schedule your writing over the weeks and keep tabs on your work. Like any business, keeping track with time is essential to knowing what progress you’ve made. Yes, writers hate schedules but the reason I make one is because a schedule leads to a goal. Finishing the project!! How great would it feel if you stuck to your writing schedule like you would any full time job. Then finished your novel hopefully in weeks and had it published after editing.  It would be amazing, right? As you can see, I’ve blocked my days with  atleast two chapters written or 10,000 words. Which ever comes first.  Plus, I have my tracker that says what I’ve written for the day and how long it took me to write that much. This has helped me figure out what times I’m more productive whether it be early in the morning, midday, or over night. Keep track of when you write the most and try to write at those times.

There is no true way to write a novel, but if you feel you are spending countless hours reeling back trying to remember if Carl had brown or blond hair, an outline will eliminate that wasted time. I hope this helps with all of your future works. I will eventually post up how I have developed this world I’m working on in the next post.