Transformers and Michael Bay… Piss Me Off


Alright, here we go. This is a random post about why Transformers has put a sour taste in my mouth. I will say storyline wise, it is an awesome concept. Life event wise that make no damn sense at all, a bit irritating. What do I mean by this? Let’s look at the scene where Sam uses his charm to get Mikaela to sit in his lap.

So they’re in the Camaro, Sam is in the passenger seat and Mikaela is in the back seat. Sam asks her, “Why don’t you sit in the driver’s seat?”

She answers, “No, it’s driving. That’s weird.”

Sam: Why don’t you sit in my lap?

Mikaela: Um… Why?

Sam: Cause I’m the only one with a seatbelt and safety first, right?

Mikaela: Yeah, you’re right.

She sits in his lap and it’s more turning into a hot and sexy moment for Sam. Okay, first of all, no girl is going to sit in the lap of a guy they just started getting to know, unless it’s Santa Claus! The reality of this scene is it would never happen unless the girl was extremely attracted to the guy and was possibly being flirtatious. Mikaela hardly showed any of this signs. Anyways, scenes like this make me go… um… really? Are we rushing the movie a bit?

Now, Sam and Mikaela are at his parents house AT NIGHT ten minutes after nine to be exact. He brings Mikaela to his room from the side of the house from the roof. They search for his grandfather’s glasses blahdy blahdy blah. Autobots destroy back yard and parents flip out thinking it’s an earth quake. They see lights coming from Sam’s room and the power is out. They go to his room and find Mikaela after a long conversation about Sam’s “happy time”

Here’s what I don’t understand, he has a girl in his room without his parents permission. These are high school kids I might add. It’s night time. Wouldn’t parents be like,” Why is there a girl in your room?” Maybe Bay wanted to use the wine the parents had as an excuse to not give a rat’s ass about their bout possibly swapping spits with a sexy girl. Then again, I still think parents will question it a little bit.

Now, when the chick that steals all the data from the military base goes to her friend’s house to upload the data, what the hell? Did she not think the military was going to track her, especially when the guy loved with his GRANDMOTHER!

Let’s skip to the end now.

Optimus tells Sam to shove the cube in his chest if it comes down to that scenario. It would destroy the cube and stop Megatron. So here’s my issue, if the cube is going to kill the bot that has it shoved into their chest, why didn’t Optimus originally suggest it. Is it because Bay was in a hurry to finish the film? Seriously, the whole idea felt rushed, felt fake, and illogical. Sometimes I wish production companies would look at the script and visualize what’s going on cause in today’s world this stuff is totally different.

Anyways, I like Transformers and the concept but the tiny details just really make me question the writer’s knowledge for what society is actually like. Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts.

Inside This Complex Mind

I’ve been sitting here by my computer, at work, or simply in bed trying to think of something to write for my new novel, Eversoul. I ran into blogging when I was researching ways to inspire new and fresh ideas. I think I’m going to try this out, let some of my readers and future fans see inside whatever fucked up ideas I have spiraling in my mind.

Inside of me I just don’t know what I can do. I hear ads and movies say that “anyone can do anything they set their heart to.” Honestly, right now, I’ve been losing a lot of hope in the dreams I’ve worked so hard to try to fulfill. I gave up on music four years ago thinking that the path I was taking was going to bring me happiness. Think about it, I had job security, insurance, and retirement. The package was great but deep inside me was dying. It was like a festering demon that wanted to just tear my insides out and boil them over a scorching flame. I know suicide crossed my mind a few times during some of the rougher periods, but I would never do that. I feel like there’s more to offer. I’m only 25, and I haven’t even faced the real challenges yet.

Right now, I stock produce all day. Five times a week, sometimes four if I’m lucky. Every day is almost a struggle to try to put a smile on my face when I walk into that place. I see the fake faces that act like they care about you as a person, when actually, they just want you to make their job easier. Even if it means, tearing up your back or dealing with angry customers. I know, I was one of those authority wearing people who kept the associates in line. I also use to pick and choose what tasks I enjoyed doing. After a while, it dawned on me that it’s not a life working 53 hours a week. I hated waking up at 4 am and working till 4 pm. It was almost like slavery and for a wage that can barely get you by. I overdid myself financially with credit cards so now, I’m totally screwed but in all honesty, I’m happy this happened to me. I’m happy I learned this lesson early in life and can pass this on to my future kids. There’s always going to be a new struggle waiting for me.

After I finished Horizon, I think that was my wake up call. It was the answer I needed to have a better life. I may not make bookoo money like some authors. I may not be a superstar in the eyes of people around me, but I am happy to see people who are interested in my ideas.

We’ve all been in that place where we have been lost. We feel deserted. We feel like there’s a group conspiring against us to see us fail instead of succeed. Life has its moments of teaching us how to cope with the negative, but when have we ever looked past that? When have we ever had the worst day of our life, and could see a positive outlook on the day?

I’ve always let those negative feelings bear me down when I lie on the couch and flip through channels. When did we get so consumed in the life that is on the screen and not on our own? Have we come to the cross-road, where Hollywood and corporations have fabricated a perfect life that we should have in our minds?

After studying my past and finding the cause of my problems, I realize that we are obsessed with our belongings. We are obsessed with people seeing the new toy that we have. It’s almost sickening to know that our life has turned into a circus. We have auctioned off what truly matters in our life to corporations, so they can steal our pride and bask in their thievery.

You MUST have people around you that bring joy to your life. You don’t have much time to live. Take a leap of faith and try to build on yourself. Don’t let naysayers pull you down cause hell they’re not you. They don’t have the ability of being the person you could be. You are an inspiration, a hero, and a leader! If I can believe in myself to achieve greatness, you can too. Don’t let one bump pull you back any further. Leap over it and make something of yourself.