Let’s Play a Game


I’m going to start a story and who ever wants to add on to it just comment on this post. Make sure you follow the story from the last comment made because then this whole thing could get screwed up and end up sounding like a jumbled mess.

There was a man sitting by the pond with his dog. He was skipping rocks as a light breeze caressed he cheek. A strange sound alerted him from behind a tree…

Inspiration Like Bruce Lee Kicking Me in the Balls

How the bloody hell does inspiration form?

I know when I write it’s after either reading a novel, watching a movie, playing a video game, or simply torching ants on the driveway. I had a three week spurt of inspiration a few weeks ago and now, I’m just farting ideas in small episodes. Occasionally, I’ll have that large, loud, and explosive idea. Then, the rest are silent little toots.

I want to get to that place again in my head, but I’m too damn stubborn to latch my butt to my chair and write. Maybe I should add some cushion to it cause when I do other things I’m usually comfortable. In my office, my chair feels like I’m getting elephant humped on an hourly basis.

So what gives you guys inspiration?

Robin Williams

Happy Feet 2 - Australian Premiere   I know that there will be a lot of posts about Robin Williams passing away today. I mean, I don’t usually write anything about celebrities dying, or any kind of role models that are around us today. I mostly try to stick with whatever is going on at home, but this is something that is tragic for every household that has ever watched a movie with this man in it. I remember growing up to Jumanji,  Mrs. Doubtfire, and Aladdin. These two movies were the ones that really made me love this man as an actor.


There’s many other amazing films that Robin Williams has played but as a child I remember the movies that made me laugh the most. I remember watching Mrs. Doubtfire with my parents as a young boy, laughing at all of his crazy ideas to come back together with his family. As a boy, watching him in this movie, reminded me of my parents a lot. There was a little bit of fighting here and there at the time, but it was also a great part of my life to know that my parents loved me enough to do anything to give my sister and me a better life. I know throughout the movie, if you’ve watched it, his character continues to be as close to his kids as he can, no matter what measures he must take to get there. I can only remember Robin Williams as a funny man, who created billions of laughs.

I can’t help but wonder what people are thinking inside of their heads outside of their day jobs. I know I’ve had moments, where I’ve lost hope. It’s hard to really talk to anyone about any of the problems in your life. Especially, the people who can’t seem to understand why you’re not happy. I think for me, I’ve run through depression, and it’s tough. it’s tough to pull yourself out of that dead end, where either direction will only lead you to the same road that brought you there in the first place.

I know I’m going to celebrate him by watching a few of his movies. It makes me sick just knowing what has happened today. It’s almost like a piece of my childhood has faded away, and it just makes growing up feel that much REAL. Keep strong and safe. Always know there’s at least one ear that will listen and one shoulder that will be there.

This is how I will always remember Robin Williams, and I hope you will too.


R.I.P Robin Williams