Fruit Bowls, Books, and Dinner (Oh my!)

It has been a very long day today. Have you ever just taken a deep breath, and said “Wow, I made it!” Yeah, that was me after work today. After chopping up about 250 bowls of mixed fruit today at work, I think I could go for some rum and possibly a nice lager. Anyways, there hasn’t been too much going on in my life other than seeing what’s going on outside of the house. The world crashing down, people hating each other, and the usual teens twerking across the internet.

I started reading a new book by James Patterson called 1st to Die. Now, so far it seems very interesting. For anyone reading it, spoiler alert:

So far, I’ve left off, where there has been a heinous murder in the Hyatt Hotel in San Francisco. A groom was brutally stabbed to death, and his bribe stabbed and raped. My thoughts on this are a little scary because of the events that led up to these two lovers being murdered. As some of you know, I am hopefully getting married to Nadine soon, and this book isn’t giving the idea of staying in a hotel before the big honeymoon a good rep. Anyways, it seems like a very interesting book, I just really wonder what this serial killers motive is to kill newlyweds.

Time to eat some dinner.