Connecting the Dots

Today has been a very inspirational and encouraging day. A lot of the questions about my life and where I am being guided have finally pieced together. There are still some questions that are constantly pressing deep inside of me, but I am gradually finding the voice to express how I feel in those moments.

I had many memories of small moments that have led me to where I am at now from all of the pride I had for myself, the jealousy of others that did better than me, and all of my selfish ways. During my days in high school eight years ago, I had a huge ego. I thought that the world revolved around me and I could do whatever I wanted. My life was based around a spoiled kid who went to mom and dad for anything that I needed at the time. Especially if I ran into trouble along the way, they were the first ones I ran to for help. There are constant things that happen throughout people’s lives to bring them back to the Lord and in every way, it turns out to be a beautiful story that is filled with encouragement for others who have the opportunity to hear a person’s life. Well, I’m going to summarize all of the important moments of my life that led me here.

Learning Music-

I learned how to play music in high school, and I was very talented at it. I played tuba in the Wind Symphony, and sousaphone in the marching band. The goosebumps and special moments I experienced performing made me feel like I was at bliss with myself. There was nothing that could take away the feelings that music brought to my heart. When I reached my Senior year of high school, I traveled across Europe and performed at many historical locations across the continent. It was an amazing adventure that created a new perspective of what I wanted to do with my music.

Back home, I put together a small rock band and enjoyed creating music. It was like we were all connected until we started finding new members and replacing old ones. It got to the point where all we wanted was fame and fortune. Both of these never came to us, but we did enough work to pull in a small following, but we never reached that milestone where we all felt fulfilled with our lives. All of us wanted to make more money and be able to travel to huge arenas, where we could perform for thousands. That never happened though. After looking back at what kind of experience I went through with the band, it made me realize the one passion I truly did have. It was actually the ability to write a story and portray a picture of what I was seeing in my mind. This brought about the next stage to my life.


I enjoyed writing stories before, during, and after my music stage of life. I went to school at the Art Institute of Atlanta, where I was studying Audio Production. My journey there ended up leading me into an English class, where I met a wonderful teacher named, Ms. Jenkins. She was one of the most encouraging teachers I had ever had the honor of studying with. She taught me a lot about creative writing and even offered her services in editing to help me grow as a writer. It wasn’t until it was the end of the year when she gave me my first notebook to use for dreams that I happen to want to write about. That notebook now sits inside of a box in my closet, but it was the gesture that let me know that I was stepping in the right direction in my life.

I ended up writing scripts for some of the video production students, who struggled with creativity. It was fun joining in small groups and helping these kids out, but it didn’t start to dawn on me until about two years later when my dad sat me down in his office at his house.

Spreading My Wings-

My dad was struggling with his business, and he was leading in the direction of bankruptcy and searching for a solution for problems at work. He worked so hard for his business that he built the last 25 years. My mom played an important roll with him too, but it all came tumbling down. I don’t know when the quake started for my dad, but it didn’t reach me until I was halfway through college.

He sat me down in his office and looked up at me over the rim of his glasses. He had multiple documents in his hands from insurance companies, school bills, the mortgage, utilities, and anything else he owed money to. His credit was ruined and there was little hope for him to pull himself out of it. Actually, I remember a few months later he started going back to church and searched for answers in spirit trying to figure out what to do in his situation. Anyways, he told me that he could not take out another loan for my schooling and that I needed to start helping out. I was told that I needed to get a job to help pay for my schooling, my health and auto insurance. It was actually a fair deal, but my selfishness and ego didn’t see it that way. I felt like my dad was trying to punish me and make me fail. It wasn’t that at all.

If my dad did not make me step up my life like he did that day, I think I would still be living with them in the same position today. At the time, I was coming near the end of performing with my band and meeting the one I love today, Nadine. My band performed two more gigs after I met Nadine, and we split up because the guitarist wanted to join the army, I needed to make more money working in the grocery store, and the drummer went to school down in Valdosta, which was a distance away.


I remember meeting Nadine in a small pizzeria off of Lawrenceville Highway. It was inside of a strip mall, but they had open mics there, and my guitarist wanted to perform one of our last times there. We went in and one of our fans was there with her cousin, Nadine. I sat down at the table behind her with Luke. I couldn’t help but text Nadine’s cousin. I sent texts about how beautiful Nadine was and how much I liked her. It was actually kind of pathetic on my end of it haha! We exchanged numbers at the end of the night and ended going on a few dates afterwards.

I think meeting Nadine was not a coincidence in my life. I feel like it was God’s way of pointing me in the direction I needed to turn to. If it wasn’t for Nadine, I would’ve never continued to work at my job with the grocery store. I would be living with my parents. Quite possibly, I probably would have not had the motivation to build myself up. I had found my Eve, but I needed more in my life to feel like I was doing well in the public eye of my friends and family. I decided to become an Assistant Manager after three years of working for the same company.

I’m going to end this post here. it’s getting a bit long. Plus, I have work early in the morning. Please stay joyful and inspired by everything around you. There’s always a spark somewhere that is going to get your attention. You just have to be patient to grasp its meaning. Until tomorrow, sleep well and Happy Blogging!

Top Ten Quotes That Get me Through Each Day

1. “You can tell the greatness of a man by what makes him angry.” -Abraham Lincoln

2. “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

3. “Life’s like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re going to get.” -Forrest Gump

4. “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” -Henry David Thoreau

5. “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” Albert Einstein

6. “The No. 1 reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors.” -Napoleon Hill

7. “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.” -Robert Frost

8. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou

9. “Be yourself–not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.” -Henry David Thoreau

10. “You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can be grateful that thorn bushes have roses.” -Tom Wilson

New Story Line Game


Alright so the last post kind of got confusing for a few bloggers that attempted to join the story. I’m very sorry that some of the posts did not get posted right away. It is because for some reason I have to approve your comments and until I approve them it won’t appear. Now, a few people actually made it through without an approval, so if your comment did not appear it was because someone’s comment was in before yours. I’m very sorry about that, so this time I’m going to try really hard to approve your comments, or figure out away to override the approval process. Thanks for participating and now, here’s a new story line for any newcomers.

The Earth looked like a giant blueberry from where Sam was standing. Her hairs rose from her neck down to the lower back. Silence was a relaxing solitude that she could enjoy in this prison. The moon became her new home after the leaders of Earth decided to create a galactic penitentiary for its most high profile prisoners. A steel door slammed down the hall and to her dismay it was…

Keyboard Warriors


I’d like to just say that keyboard warriors are pretty awesome when you have nothing to do, and you just simply have to read a whole thread with a big bowl of popcorn in hand. Yes, you know who you are. If you don’t know who you are, here is a simple check list that may help to pinpoint who you are:

1. You’re the person that defends causes that no one really actually cares about. You’re the one that thinks hmm Photoshop is being used to change the appearance of people? They used an auto tuner during his/her performance? This is an outrage! How dare corporate America try to poison the hearts of my children! This is ludicrous!

2. You’re a person that reads through an article on the internet and realizes that everything on the internet is true. You freak out over a girl diving into a random pond where all of a sudden a Great White chases after her. You believe that we are living in a time period that existed almost a half a century ago. Occasionally, you’ll question if an asteroid is really about to destroy the earth because someone decided to edit a clip from Armageddon.

3. You’re that caring person that thinks a cat dancing with a pathetic human is animal abuse, or you thought steaks did not come from cows but just magically appeared in a grocery store.

4. You’re the person that has to be right. You are never wrong. If we continue to live in the society that we’re living in now, guns will surely kill people, and spoons will surely make people fat.

This is just to name a few keyboard warriors who tend to NEED attention, or just have to continue an argument behind a screen because they are too chicken shit to actually get into someone’s face. Seriously, I’ve read threads where people say what they would’ve done and blah blah blah.

For example, a guy was walking down the beach with some other people when they stumbled upon a shark. Yes, a dead shark. Apparently, its belly was moving around and they decided let’s play surgeon. A guy walks up with a dinky little  pocket knife and tears a whole in the sharks gut. Well, they discover three babies still alive inside the shark. This guy pulls the shark babies out and tosses them in the ocean without being gentle with them. This sparked a stupid argument that almost made me want to put my fist through my computer.

Someone decided that it was animal abuse because the guy just tossed the shark into the ocean without care. Then, people said they should’ve called someone to get the sharks cause now they’re going to die in the wild. I had to face palm myself for that bs argument as well. First of all, put yourself in this guy’s situation. You’re cutting open a shark that you do not know if it is still alive. You tap it and it doesn’t move. Then, you proceed to be a dumb ass and cut into the shark to discover live baby sharks. Now, if it was me, there was no way in hell I’d be pulling creatures out of a shark with the risk of pulling back a bloody red stump. Nah uh, not me. I give this guy huge props, but people got pissy and whiny because he wasn’t gentle. Okay, Kids, how about you bend over and toss a shark into the ocean gently. If you so happen to come back with a hand, kudos to you, but your argument is stupid! I swear, if the government doesn’t kill us first, it’ll be these sensitive assholes that think sharks are cute puppies and humans are robots.

Also, I think the most notorious keyboard warriors are the ones that keep tabs on every politician. Seriously, I think politics gets really old. It’s just who I am as a person. Yes, I am concern about the future of America. Yes, I am concerned about where my kids will be when they are older. Am I going to be able to change any of that sitting behind a keyboard and screaming like a crazy person? No, I’m not. If anything, my ass will be hauled to a psych ward.

I see memes talking about “Impeach Obama!”, “We the people want Obama gone!” , “There’s a petition to get rid of the Confederate Flag.” ‘You might be a racist if…”

I mean, seriously the list goes on forever. There’s always that one guy that learns how to put words on photos and turns it into a propaganda piece because pictures tell the truth. I remember seeing a meme that said, “This man claimed Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was hung in Iraq.” Then, I found this man’s face in an article month before and apparently he had murdered three people and was put to death. I mean, that is how simple lies and deception work. Someone takes a picture of a person doing something, writes something totally different, the world sees it, and now, we all are praising a murderer.

I mean, have we really come to the point where internet petitions, and writing our feelings online will make a difference in the world. Think about it, while we are focused on racism and sexism there are laws being passed while we are distracted. We are little giving the government an Ah-Ha moment because we are too busy arguing about a news story that had no business even appearing in out state’s news. Then, all them awesome keyboard warriors band together and create an elite of ignoramus people which lead to leveling a city and destroying everyone’s livelihoods.

America is lazy and sensitive now. There’s no more will to work. There’s no more motivation to be anything here anymore. Corporations have taken over and have turned everyone against each other. They’ve dipped their hands so deep into the government structure and have turned good politicians into the corrupt people that vowed not to be. What will it take before more jobs, homes, and lives are lost? We are simply letting the internet try to speak for us, but no one is listening. We are simply letting these people roll over us because we are comfortable. The internet is not the way to get your point across. It’s just another archive that stuffs your thoughts deep into the abyss of junk that flows through the world wide web.

Darn Alarm Clock!

I woke up this morning to my dog actually licking its butt next to my head. I know that sounds weird, but I’m only being honest to what happened to me. Anyways, I got up after pushing her aside and washing my face in the bathroom. I spent the last hour and a half checking emails from people who followed my page and liked my posts. I didn’t get any comments last night, which isn’t a surprise, I’m still a newbie to this and learning as I go. 

I decided to sit down with my phone and scroll through a few pages that liked my posts, or followed me. I’ve realized we have a very diverse world out there. It’s weird to think that some of the things I would normally disagree with have actually brought to light a different perspective on the subject. I read articles about religion, innovation, and just simple blogs of people nervous about revealing their talents in writing. 

I will say, everyone needs to try to have an open mind when opening up a post on anyone’s page. You shouldn’t attack an idea until you read through the post and understand why that person thinks that way. I saw a few posts that made me gawk but after reading through the thoughts and resources, I’ve realized wow! He/She has a point here. Why didn’t I ever think of that? 

I had the pleasure of talking to kateturville on her blog, and I will say it’s nice to see someone else having the same feelings you have, or had starting out with writing. I think all of us have been there, where we were so worried about grammar, punctuation, and character development that our writing seemed like it could never find it’s way to being published. I know my first run of Horizon, I got ripped for a lot of things even after it was edited. I will say for me though, I worry more about the content that is in a person’s writing. If you can grab me with your content and keep my interest, a lot of the errors are going to be looked over. Now, if your writing looks terrible and it’s just a bunch of mumbo jumbo chicken scratch that has nothing of any value to it, and the grammar is just terrible, where you can’t understand one sentence, I’ll be knocking at your door. 

I know I’ve only been here for a week, but I’ve really enjoyed posting on here. It’s fun coming home from work or waking up to see the people that actually enjoy reading what I write (Even if it’s just one person that hits that like button on my post). It’s funny too when they’re the only blog I read for that day and explode their comment boxes. You guys have been great to me so far, and I will try to add more stories to my blog. Maybe some inspirational stories. Right now, I’m just playing my week day by day, and trying to figure out how to survive in this world. Keep up the nice work everyone, I’ll be reading more later on today. 🙂

Tough Love

You’re probably asking yourself why I’m up so early? Well, this has been racking my mind all night, and I have to get it off my chest. People are confusing and frustrating! I mean, one moment you’re sitting there talking about shows, books, and the day. Then, you’re all of a sudden spiraling in this dead end argument about something ridiculous. Sometimes not having any kind of lead as to why the other person is feeling the way they do. This has happened twice to me in the last week and a half. I just don’t understand it.


Last night, I received a text from a life long friend that asked me when I was going to bring her stuff back. I told her I’d have it to her by Thursday in her mailbox. (The reason I said mailbox is because she told me she didn’t want to see me.) A few hours later, I receive a text that says goodbye, not once, but three times. So I return the message with a simple goodnight. I mean, isn’t that what normal people perceive out of that kind of message? Someone saying a polite goodnight? Well, literally ten minutes after I send this she says, “You can delete my number.”

Okay, here is where I am extremely confused about this conversation. Why is she so angry at me? What have I done to make her feel this way? I know there have been moments, where we have fought. These consisted of HER wanting to see me more, or not understanding why she hasn’t met Nadine in the four years that I’ve been with her. Honestly, I really don’t know. It never crossed my mind because I was too busy working as an Assistant Manager and trying to figure out my own life. This has led to many arguments about me being an asshole, me being a selfish jerk, and me not standing up for myself.

I lost it. I know I’ve been going through a rough patch this last month or two, but I was just done with the bullshit. I send her a pretty profane message back, and I honestly felt great. I all of a sudden felt like everything inside me had lightened up. Is it just me, or are some of the people in our lives the reason we live the way we do? Could having more positive insights and people in my life give me that boost to live and not dwell with regret? I think losing the two or three friends these last few months have made me realize I’m surrounding myself with the wrong people. I’m not giving my soul the right energy to be the person I want to be. Right now, I think blogging is the one aspect of my life that is keeping me alive (Plus, Nadine of course). I know I’ve only started recently but it feels great to be able to lay out the inner secrets that fester inside me.


I’ve enjoyed reading many of the blogs that have popped up in my following this morning with all of the life lessons and experiences. I especially love the blogs that don’t involve people wanting to sell a lesson on HOW TO WRITE A SUCCESSFUL BLOG or HOW TO GET MORE TRAFFIC. I read a blog by rachelderham called Piranhas in the Blogpond, it was a fantastic read! After reading this, I’ve realized if you can’t enjoy writing for yourself, then why is anyone else going to enjoy what you have to tell? Thanks, Rachel! You really have some fantastic insight on life.sun-hands-600x450-TS-98125386