Firing Back

Alright, so my last post honestly was pretty depressing, disappointing, and an all time low for myself. I thought that I could stick by it, but no, I can’t. If I stop writing because one person decides to step in my path, then I’m just giving into their own motive. I’m firing this post back to all the naysayers about self publishing authors. The ones who feel that if you have self published, you’ve “Copped out, you’re lazy, stupid, or illiterate.” I’m going to say for those who are published traditionally/independently, it’s an awesome achievement to be known. We all give you congratulations and read your work expecting the best. Even with self published authors, everyone should be expecting the best.

Now, the whole subject of these three worlds of publishing. Everyone asks themselves which one would be better for me? How many posts have you skimmed across that have the same similar subject about publishing? There are many out there! I have pointed out my own opinion as well. It’s all a matter of what fits for you. No matter how many people bring you down, tell you that you’ve copped out, or tell you their own critique about your way of publishing, you should always stick by your guns and know what’s right for you.

Yes, I’m self published. Yes, I haven’t broken the surface with the material that I have clogged in my puny little head right now, but I am pushing myself everyday to create something better. I continue to strive to create worlds that I see everyday, but fictionally. Will I ever be famous? Maybe not. Will I ever have the opportunity to do this for a living? Maybe not. I can say though personal experience and what’s bouncing in my head is what I truly care about though. I enjoy talkingĀ to the people that read my blog. Especially since I get the opportunity to learn something about them on their own blog.

Do you think I just sit here and write posts about myself all day? Or do I read other people’s blogs and give them my perspective? Sometimes I do more than the other, but I will say that many blogs I have read are quite intriguing.

I’m just going to say I’m done messing around andĀ letting these people get in my head. It’s time to write. Stop judging and enjoy what you do.