This has been a question that I have wanted to ask my readers for a long time. I enjoy writing prologues, but I have the constant question from many new readers of my material that wonder if the person in my prologue is the main character, or not. Here’s the answer: No, he is not the main character. Now, that I have addressed that issue, I would like to ask you guys, what is the point in having a prologue, and do they really add any depth or value to a novel?

My opinion is, occasionally they¬†can, but the scary thing is, I’m about ready to ditch them completely. The only reason I want to stop writing prologues is because, what’s the point? If there’s an epic war that explains the reason for a novel, then yes maybe a prologue will work, but honestly, I would rather read about this epic battle throughout the book instead of a mere glimpse of the past/future in a prologue. So all in all, I think if I ditch the prologues and tell the story, this will help the stories flow better. Anyone else have this problem with their stories? If so, what would be a proper time to use a prologue?