Here’s a quick chapter to a project I’ve recently started working on.



I stood at the top of the Marriott Hotel looking down at the lit streets of Atlanta. Multiple cars winding down narrow streets, while the night air blew past the balcony of my room. I could feel a slight chill run up my arms and down my back as the night left an eeriness that only kept questions wandering through my head.

 How quick would it be? Would anyone miss me? Would I feel anything?

All of these questions ran through my head as I lifted my leg over the railing. I felt the wind enter the bottom of my jeans as I rolled my body over the railing. My brunette hair was slapping across my face as my heart raced. Adrenaline pumped through my veins as I turned my head to look down at the fate that awaits me. I’ve stood here many times before, and I’ve always backed out of the grisly death. Tonight though, I’m going to do it.

“Scarlett!” he yelled from the room.

I looked over my shoulder to see my lover racing across the room. I knew it was either go to a mental institution for attempting to jump, or I could go through with it and everything would just go away. My problems… My achievements… My existence. All of these would be gone. I would be released from the world that had weighed down my shoulders for so longer.

The door opened behind me as the curtains flailed in the air. I looked back with my hazel eyes, waiting for Jacob to rescue me. Although I wanted him dearly, I could not live with the regret that lingered in my soul. I loosened my grip on the rail and felt myself lean over. It was at that moment I knew what I had to do. My eyes wandered towards the moonlit sky, and I felt freedom more than ever before.

“No!” I heard him scream from the door, but I had already let go.

I felt weightless. Everything was in slow motion as I fell from the balcony. I opened my eyes, watching the pavement race towards me. I grinned knowing that it was all over. The scandals and murders were behind me. The sinful life I had lived for too long is now just a grain of dust in history. No longer will I have to run from the law, I can now be free and live in harmony.

I heard my mother screaming in the back of my head as I jabbed a knife in her chest. I heard the desperate gurgles of my pedophile father as he drowned in my hands. A faint crunching rattled in my ears as I watched my brother fall into a wood chipper after raping me in the attic.

Do you think I feel sympathy for any of them? My mother let it all happen, my father took my virginity, and my brother desecrated my body, until I was scarred to the point of near death. It was not just them though; there were more involved. They all are dead now.

The vigilante I became, and now, I am falling from the top of the Marriott, wasting away this broken body, this lost soul… This serial killer that wanted a perfect world. I did not just murder my whole family. I murdered every son-of-a-bitch that wanted to treat me like their little whore.

I’m almost there now. I see my world is fading in a white out as I’m only a few feet away from the pavement. This was my final act of kindness to society.


This is a little bit of what I have written for my book Arianna.  It is a bit intense in the first few chapter and continues to spiral into the eyes of a growing serial killer. Thanks for reading!