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Hey, guys! We have finally pushed through months of preparation to put together an awesome team of people that want to help publish your stories! We are currently shopping for Romance/Science Fiction/Nonfiction/Fantasy/Horror/Action Adventure/Mystery. If you are interested in publishing with us, send all information to Leave your query letter about you as an author and your story. Please leave three chapters for us to review and we will respond back to you if we are interested in your manuscript.

Also, please do not send multiple submissions. We have a 6-9 week waiting period.

Thank you all for making this possible. Share, Like, Reblog. Let all of your author friends know that Amni Publishing is officially open!

Firing Back

Alright, so my last post honestly was pretty depressing, disappointing, and an all time low for myself. I thought that I could stick by it, but no, I can’t. If I stop writing because one person decides to step in my path, then I’m just giving into their own motive. I’m firing this post back to all the naysayers about self publishing authors. The ones who feel that if you have self published, you’ve “Copped out, you’re lazy, stupid, or illiterate.” I’m going to say for those who are published traditionally/independently, it’s an awesome achievement to be known. We all give you congratulations and read your work expecting the best. Even with self published authors, everyone should be expecting the best.

Now, the whole subject of these three worlds of publishing. Everyone asks themselves which one would be better for me? How many posts have you skimmed across that have the same similar subject about publishing? There are many out there! I have pointed out my own opinion as well. It’s all a matter of what fits for you. No matter how many people bring you down, tell you that you’ve copped out, or tell you their own critique about your way of publishing, you should always stick by your guns and know what’s right for you.

Yes, I’m self published. Yes, I haven’t broken the surface with the material that I have clogged in my puny little head right now, but I am pushing myself everyday to create something better. I continue to strive to create worlds that I see everyday, but fictionally. Will I ever be famous? Maybe not. Will I ever have the opportunity to do this for a living? Maybe not. I can say though personal experience and what’s bouncing in my head is what I truly care about though. I enjoy talking to the people that read my blog. Especially since I get the opportunity to learn something about them on their own blog.

Do you think I just sit here and write posts about myself all day? Or do I read other people’s blogs and give them my perspective? Sometimes I do more than the other, but I will say that many blogs I have read are quite intriguing.

I’m just going to say I’m done messing around and letting these people get in my head. It’s time to write. Stop judging and enjoy what you do.

Self Publishing vs Traditional

I’ve played with the idea of going to traditional publishing for awhile. My book Horizon was self published and for me, I felt like I took the easy way. Inside me, I feel incomplete like I did not meet this harrowing feat of completing a novel. It’s that moment

I asked myself did write for the love of writing, or did my pockets get the better of me?

I use to write stories for fun but thinking of the authors that have reached millions of sales and have become famous for their work, poisoned my thoughts. It craved for that same life where I could help people with wealth, and never live with financial insecurities again. I was very naive to think anyone could do it.

Last year, I learned a lot of lessons and one is querying to agents/publishers. I never sent anything to a publisher but I did try to give it to five different agents. All the same responses with the lovely rejections that they try so hard to keep civil. I understand they need to represent an author with great skills with story telling and words, but it is hard to realize sometimes that my book was not what they were looking for.

What’s even harder to realize is when I turned to self publishing and at the beginning  my sales were booming, but six months down the road I am scraping by with two part time jobs that do not complete me. Don’t get me wrong I am extremely happy and blessed right now. I’m just not complete.

So for this next story I’m going to shoot for traditional see how it goes. Maybe I can reach a medium with my writing and my pocket. This last week, I have put my wallet aside and produced 30,000 words of an epic fantasy that I truly enjoy. I could feel myself standing at the peaks of Argonia, smell the aroma of chicken roasting on the fire pit, and hear the clatter of dishes across the floor of the local pub. Hell the hymn my character sings rings in my head quite often now. Without the thoughts of money has brought me back to what I love and enjoy. So this time it will be different. This time I’m shooting for traditional, hoping for the best, and thank all my readers that remain loyal to my work for reaching out to me and being by my side. You guys are the true winners in all of this.

Aspiring Writers

I am currently looking to work with authors that are looking for any kind of proof reading/editing help with their novels. I am also currently trying to review books to build on my portfolio. If you are interested in any of my services, please contact me at my email.

I will give you a list of services I can help with you, as well as, my reviewing guidelines. Thank you for reading, and I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas!


Ideas, Views, and Publishing

 I’m sure there are many writers/artists out there that feel this way. Do you ever feel like you have a achieved a great goal, but the dividends are just not there to make it seem that special? I know ever since I published my first novel, I had many of my friends, family, and strangers asking about it. Many of them have told me that I have achieved a great feat of actually finishing something that I have labored over for years. Although this may be true, it still is hard to live in this economy and life that we live in today. Recently I told myself that if I want to sell more books, I need to agree, or shut my mouth to gain more popularity from people. I use to be a very out spoken person on social media until I published my book, but why is that? Why do we all of a sudden silence ourselves to be able to achieve an even higher goal for our pieces of work.

Freedom of speech is a big thing in America, but it seems like as soon as you have an opposite view a group of people automatically pull away from you goals and aspirations. I haven’t been outspoken about my views of anything as of lately because I’ve been writing it in my books. If you can guess my points of views on situations in the books I write, then I have accomplished something with my words. I just hope I don’t deter fans from my thoughts. You guys are my most important asset, and I try to repay the favor to many of you by bringing something to the table even better.

Fellow bloggers, I enjoy your articles everyday. I actually started reading some books on here that you guys have put out there. People have asked me why I haven’t submitted my work to any traditional publishers or agents. Well, to answer your questions here is why.

1. They take to long to respond.

2. They have control of your ideas.

3. They don’t care about you unless their pockets are getting fat.

Plain and simple. I went self publishing because I believe in myself and don’t believe in the corporate world. Yes, i may not be making as much as I could be, but it’s a great feeling to know that the people around me support me as well as my work. I may be a rock star to them, but I am still the same guy they knew yesterday. The one that cracks jokes and plays with fruit all day. Plus, i don’t know if I could keep up with millions of people wanting to talk to me all the time. I would rather have an audience that I can relate with.

Horizon- Paperback, Hardback, and Digital



Since I have a few more followers this month, I wanted to post my book for anyone who may be interested:

This is where you can purchase the hardback and paperback.

Here’s the link for the digital format on the Kindle.


Here’s a brief description of Horizon in case you are interested in reading:

Our world is in danger of extinction due to the multiple world wars that have progressed the last century. The government aggressively strikes a new specimen into the general population, which was discovered on a world called Mariknia. This new specimen has created a catastrophic event that could lead to an apocalyptic end to our home, Earth.

Aaron Lambright is the son of a navy hero, an alcoholic, and a struggling citizen of Australia that can’t hold a stable job or relationship. In this chaotic end to earth, Aaron will be our only hope for survival.