Social Media

Okay, so I’m trying this “social experiment” so to speak and I’m seeing a pattern. Do people really care about other author’s on sites like Twitter and Facebook? I recently started following people on Twitter to see their responses. It’s funny how many return with thank you for the follow and can’t wait for great conversation. Then you have a ton that send you links to their books and services. So how real is social media?

So far, blogging has been the closest to author and human interaction I could find on social media. It almost feels like facebook and Twitter are now just a giant internet billboard where people just drive by. Occasionally that one person goes oh wow, I’m going to check this out. Then, you have the ones calling the billboard trying to press their ads on people. Has greed of attention overcome us? Even as I write this post, am I like those attention seeking people begging for likes and comments? What perspective do you guys have of this cause it seems all pointless, right?