How God has Played a Roll in My Life

I’ve been digging deeper into my own spiritual journey these last few months. Especially since I’m currently participating in a bible study and a Disciple 1 class at my church. I never really dug too deep into my past like I have recently, and it’s funny that it all had to come to one of the darkest moments in my life so far.

Last year, I had stepped down from my management position at my job and realized that life should not always be about work. Then, I lived the part of the guy who has money and lives miserably, but now, I’m happy but living with less than. I’m looking at both of these men that I lived in my life, and I’ve realized that sometimes having less is better for the soul. Although I do see many people that are living happy lives with a more than comfortable living, I can’t help but hear all of the same stories from these people. The rag to riches story where God intervened and brought them to where they are at today. Now, I can’t say that God did or did not intervene to bring them to paradise in their own lives, but I can say what I am currently experiencing in my life.

When I was at the age of thirteen, I wanted to be a professional baseball player. I wanted to pitch for the Atlanta Braves and become one of the All-Stars of today. It was a dream I had wanted since I was about six or seven years old when I discovered baseball. I remember performing very well as a pitcher and third basement, but I was a very weak batter. Everything in my life at the time seemed easy, and I had all the tools to bring me to the point of stardom if I had practiced and pushed myself to that point.

Then, before I went into high school, I was playing in a minor league game at Dacula Park with the away team. I watched the batter move up to the plate and on the first pitch, the batter connected the bat to the ball. The ball shot towards me at third but took a nasty hop before it go tome. I couldn’t react in time and the ball connected with my eye. I fell over dizzy and couldn’t breathe. My eyes were spinning and all I could think of was getting the ball to first base. The player was safe and all I could do was collapse in pain and feel blood dripping into my palms.

I don’t know why this happened to me before I got into high school, but I ended up not making the team because I was scared of the ball. I kept putting my knee to the ground when a grounder came instead of using proper techniques. For me, it was very disappointing to see a dream shatter right before my eyes. Especially, the first one I ever had my whole life so far.

I ended up joining the school band and marching band my freshman year. What I didn’t realize was I was great at playing Tuba. I was asked to perform in the Wind Symphony which was the highest group of musicians at the school. Then, I traveled across the state to play in the marching and I met some amazing people through the whole experience. During my senior year, I had the opportunity to travel to Europe and perform the tuba as well in seven different countries. It was a very memorable experience.

All of this lead to my love of creation. I wanted to be able to create a work of art through music and through writing. It’s funny that this happened to me though because I had always enjoyed playing music and writing short stories, but I seemed to find myself caught up with baseball before high school though. Now, I had the time to do things that I really did enjoy. I even learned about myself through all of these journeys I took.

In Exodus, Moses was claimed to be a murderer among the Egyptians and the Hebrew slaves, but God still came to him to deliver his people from Egypt. Moses left a new life that he created in Midian and never had the slightest clue that he would be sent back to Egypt to free the slaves. You may be asking, what does this have to do with what happened in your past, Will? Well, if Moses didn’t kill the soldier and run away to Midian to create a new life, he surely would have been sentenced to death by the Pharaoh. If God didn’t intervene and appear to Moses as a burning bush, Moses would have never brought himself to go back to Egypt.

If I had not been hit by that baseball on the field, would I still be writing today? Or would I be living a luxurious life without any life lessons that have turned me into the man I am today? Yes, life would have been easy, but sometimes the rough roads pull the humble from the ashes and prepare them for what lies ahead in the future. Whether it’s pulling the slaves from Egypt, losing a job to rediscover yourself, or simply taking care of the sick, sometimes God will give you a nudge, or a baseball to the face, to deliver you from your hardships.

Patience Over Now

Today at church the sermon was called “So, Sow.” The verse the pastor read was Psalms 126: 1-6. He emphasized the last two verses 5 and 6 which read: “They that sow in tears shall reap and joy. He that goes forth and weeps, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”

This is an interesting verse considering it probably pertains to many of us. I know it does for me more than a handful of times. My main character in my story would be considered the seed. Now, I can either build up this character’s background by writing about it from the beginning of the novel or through flashback throughout the story. What if we decided we just wanted to write his adventure and totally ignore his background? In my opinion, that’s not doing a book justice.

Think about, Harry Potter discovered that he was a wizard because of letters from Hogwarts pulling him to come to the school of witchcraft and wizardry. He was confused at first about it because he heard rumors from his aunt and uncle about his parents that at the time seemed possible. If his aunt and uncle had told him the truth in the first place, they would have never gone to that rock in the middle of the ocean, and Hagrid would have never had to go through the trouble of retrieving him from them. Then, you start to learn more about his parents and why he has a scar over his forehead. Also, you learn about his background with his parents fighting Voldemort and some of the history they had at Hogwarts. Honestly, being able to see a character grow through experiences, and stories that were never told to them is much better than him going straight to school. Seriously, he’d just be another student studying ever year without any real significance other than having a wand and a bunch of friends.

Instead of jumping straight into the story about a character and not putting much thought to it is a injustice to your writing. I mean, can a person really build feelings for their characters through just sentences like: “And then this happened…” and “Finally, he did that task without having to go through that obstacle.” This kind of writing is very bland for your readers.

I currently give my advice to a few writers in my community, and I’ll read some of their paragraphs and know what they are trying to portray, but they are mostly telling me what’s happening. It’s not the character living out the experience in the writing. It’s not two people discussing a problem, but a problem being narrated to me like the characters are just another grain of dry sand. I actually chuckled once cause I had a writer tell me they just like to “Wing it.” They don’t do much planning cause there’s no emotion to planning a character. Maybe that is true, but sometimes planning and outlining will help you remember what happened in the past.

For instance, you’re halfway through the novel and you originally write about a character that has gone through a traumatic accident in her past and she is suffering from PTSD. You write this whole introduction about how she has suffered and how she is fighting through her disorder. Then, instead of writing about her in a car accident, you decide, hey what is she wen through an abusive relationship. Okay, now, you’ve just changed your whole story. All of the scenes that you wrote about her being frightened of cars, is now her insecurities around men or other people.

An outline does help and it will sow that seed that you want to last forever in your readers’ mouths. If you put forth the effort to build your main character, it will grow on its own until it turns into something greater. A strong background is the foundation to creating all the other elements that fall into place in your story. Plus, you’ll get more praise for it from your readers.

Have patience and don’t rush your writing.

What’s Been Happening?

I haven’t done a personal post in a while so i thought I would update everyone on what’s going on. Currently, I am working on editing The Temperament Scepter to hopefully make its debut in August, (Hopefully) I am also discovering a deeper meaning to life as I have as started to look deeper into my spiritual self as well as discovering myself. I have hit many bumps and roadblocks in my life so far and I know there are more to come, but I know that it will get better. Everyday that I write i have found my love for it starting to return. I don’t know why I needed reassurance from strangers before but I’ve realized if I love something I need to continue to pursue it.

This blog has brought in many interesting people that I thought I would never get the opportunity to talk to. (Thank you internet/wordpress.) I’d also like to say that sometimes falling to the ground and crawling back to your feet again is the best way to discover yourself again. My gut feeling last year to step down from my job and pursue writing was extremely frightening. Also, the many trials that continued to knock down the wall that I built around myself finally took toll on me. It wasn’t until I had to face my demons that I finally realized that I cannot continue to live the old lifestyle. I had to make a change in my life. First it was my job, then my spending, and now my faith.

I have found the happiness that I was so desperately searching for a year ago. It never was about becoming rich, famous, or powerful. The happiness and joy I needed was a stronger faith and to be a part of the community I have learned to be a part of now. I do have a few days, where I feel down or worried about even stepping foot outside. I still do things that I know I need to cut out of my life for good. I’ve created habits that I am aware of now, but my discipline is weak. Hopefully, I can one day push all of those things out of my life for good, but right now, the tiny baby steps and goals are what’s helping me. I will never be a perfect person, but I can do better. Thanks to all those that have supported me and been hear to read my ramblings or happiness. I will continue to write more of my creative posts like poems and stories. I’ll try to post more personal things, but sometimes my personal life does find its way into my writings, so maybe you guys can see my moods at that moment.

Thanks again and happy blogging!

Darn Alarm Clock!

I woke up this morning to my dog actually licking its butt next to my head. I know that sounds weird, but I’m only being honest to what happened to me. Anyways, I got up after pushing her aside and washing my face in the bathroom. I spent the last hour and a half checking emails from people who followed my page and liked my posts. I didn’t get any comments last night, which isn’t a surprise, I’m still a newbie to this and learning as I go. 

I decided to sit down with my phone and scroll through a few pages that liked my posts, or followed me. I’ve realized we have a very diverse world out there. It’s weird to think that some of the things I would normally disagree with have actually brought to light a different perspective on the subject. I read articles about religion, innovation, and just simple blogs of people nervous about revealing their talents in writing. 

I will say, everyone needs to try to have an open mind when opening up a post on anyone’s page. You shouldn’t attack an idea until you read through the post and understand why that person thinks that way. I saw a few posts that made me gawk but after reading through the thoughts and resources, I’ve realized wow! He/She has a point here. Why didn’t I ever think of that? 

I had the pleasure of talking to kateturville on her blog, and I will say it’s nice to see someone else having the same feelings you have, or had starting out with writing. I think all of us have been there, where we were so worried about grammar, punctuation, and character development that our writing seemed like it could never find it’s way to being published. I know my first run of Horizon, I got ripped for a lot of things even after it was edited. I will say for me though, I worry more about the content that is in a person’s writing. If you can grab me with your content and keep my interest, a lot of the errors are going to be looked over. Now, if your writing looks terrible and it’s just a bunch of mumbo jumbo chicken scratch that has nothing of any value to it, and the grammar is just terrible, where you can’t understand one sentence, I’ll be knocking at your door. 

I know I’ve only been here for a week, but I’ve really enjoyed posting on here. It’s fun coming home from work or waking up to see the people that actually enjoy reading what I write (Even if it’s just one person that hits that like button on my post). It’s funny too when they’re the only blog I read for that day and explode their comment boxes. You guys have been great to me so far, and I will try to add more stories to my blog. Maybe some inspirational stories. Right now, I’m just playing my week day by day, and trying to figure out how to survive in this world. Keep up the nice work everyone, I’ll be reading more later on today. 🙂