What Inspires Me to Write


This question has been popping up a lot lately while I’ve been at work and with friends. I can’t really pinpoint the main inspirations in my life because a lot of it has to do with things like dreams, movies, video games, family, and romantic interests that I’ve spectated through friends or other people. When I wrote Horizon, I originally wrote it because of someone that pulled me out of the wreckage of whatever destruction I had done to myself in the past. It was more therapeutic at the time than a science fiction novel about aliens and government conspiracies. I spent almost four years writing it because I was keeping tabs on events in the the world today, whether true or false.

Now, I pretty much write whatever messed up things enter my mind. It isn’t because I want to satisfy someone else that may be reading my novel. It’s more of for myself, and if I grow a following because of it then awesome. I’ve skimmed through success stories and fall outs across wordpress and social media, and what I got from reading through different ideas and experiences is that I am no better than anyone else. No one else is any better than me. Yes, we see photos of laughter and joy. We see Facebook statuses that continuously beg for attention. Beg for likes and shares. Have we come to the point in our society where a like and share is worth more than money? In my opinion, yes.

I remember a few weeks ago i posted something on social media, and received maybe twenty or thirty likes from friends, family, and bloggers. It was nice to see people actually interested in something that I felt strongly about but shied away from it because I didn’t want to be part of discussion bigger than myself. For instance, racism and politics. Those two subjects I avoid at all cost only because what is the point? Arguing with someone about two ideas that both parties feel strongly about is not going to change anything. It is not going to make anything better and if anything, it will cause anarchy.

If you want to change something, then show love and compassion to others. There are some messed up things going on in the world today and all we care about is a damn flag and a law. Inspiration comes from moments like these. It’s what makes all of us different in our own ways. Also, the end of the world and the apocalypse. Why the hell are people so fascinated by these? I think for the last eighteen or twenty years of my short life I have had to watch, listen, and read about the end of the world. When will someone make a story where it’s not just about the end of the world. Why can’t we think of something where the antagonist is actually the one that is the protagonist?

Think about it, what if your character was a villain and overtook the main character who was supposed to be good? If Darth Vader succeeded with his plans to overthrow the Jedi, what would the next three movie be about? We look at the darkness as a bad and scary place to go to, but what if it is actually the light? What if the light was bad? Is it possible that we think that good comes where light is and shadows are just a place for demons and the dead?

The book I’m currently writing is kind of running along this subject. A man thinks he is bad and evil because of his lineage. He is lead in the direction of that path his father took before him, but instead of standing by the good, he realized evil was actually good. The society he was raised it brain washed him and turned him into them. Crazy thoughts come up all the time in my brain.

I just wish something new will go through Hollywood also. Like seriously, all that comes out of Hollywood is crap and visual vomit. How many Star Wars movies do we have to make before people decide not to go to the theaters anymore because it is not what they envisioned it to be? How any Jurassic Park movies will be created because a bunch of banks and studies want to steal millions from everyone again? How many times does peter Jackson have to continue to butcher certain parts of Tolkiens stories to make people fed up with his vision of Middle-Earth? Don’t get me wrong, I think he did a phenomenal job, but his endings just come too short to satisfy my thirst for the world of elves, hobbits, dwarfs, orcs, and men.

We’ve actually crossed that threshold where reboots are constantly being made within a ten year period. I mean, it’s freaking ridiculous! Why do I need to watch the same crap I hated ten year ago again with a different director and writer but it ends up to be crappier than the last one I watched? Why do I do it? That’s a fantastic question. I guess because I’ve been brainwashed by previews and plug ins to think that it’ll be better. For instance, you watch a commercial and see all the funny and epic parts of the movie. You go see the movie and THOSE-ARE-THE-ONLY-GOOD-PARTS-OF-THE-MOVIE!

So what inspires me to write? My inspiration is what I would enjoy and hopefully my reader. I don’t want to make a remake. I don’t want to write another Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. I want to write my own brand and hope that it inspires a writer to try and create something on their own. Although, it is hard to create something brand new because we all are inspired by our favorite authors or artists. That’s why taking risks and writing for yourself is that best thing you can do for your writing. Change the mainstream ideas to something different. yes, you may get ridiculed for what you did, but you could get a lot of praise for it as well. That’s why it’s called fiction. Anything can happen in these worlds in our head. Nothing is set in stone. Not even a vampire and wolf background. They have their main ideas, but changing them up could bring interest from masses.

A story is anything you want it to be. Don’t let anyone tell you no because who is to say that Ariel was actually Jaws….

Battles With My Brain

I was talking to my fiance last night before we drifted off to sleep. This was after the long day of work and trying to mount a television on my sister’s wall. A long day with many profanities that seemed to be endless. Anyways, it’s funny how lately I’ve been trying to avoid new ideas for a new novel. Why!? Oh, Why would I ever want to do that?!

Here’s my issue right now. I’m battling with my brain on how to finish a story fast with quality, but here’s the problem, I keep wandering off to new ideas for different stories? I’m sure many writers have this problem, but I’m, in a way, rioting against my brain. I’m avoiding the temptation to write something else, but last night my fiance came up with an awesome idea for a story, but I don’t want to jump into it yet.

My computer had about twenty different chapters to twenty different stories that I’ve written. All of them I want to dig into, but I always find myself wandering to another story that I promise I’ll finish. It just never happens because I’m lazy and can’t write longer than ten hours a day for four days a week. If you ask me why not? It’s because I’m lazy, I procrastinate, and after work I usually end up sleeping. When I wake up, it’s late and I have to be at work early the next morning.

I had an idea though. What if I wrote 3,000 words for two to three different stories a day for a year. Better yet 1,000. Instead of writing on just one, work on three different ones a day. That would lead to 365,000 words a year. That’s a decent amount of written stories. Here’s my issue though, my organizing and memory suck! How do I sit down and remember what I wrote for each story?

I’ve learned something else about myself recently. I write about myself way too much. I feel like I hog this little bit of space each week, while every one else has something better to say. Then, I start writing about how I could wish to want to care about someone else’s writing when actually I hope for others to come read my page.

I think I’ve run into about five or six pages out of the 1,067 I have that I actually read consistently. All the reblogs I do are the blogs I read a lot. Here’s my issue though, I’ll go to blogs, like and comment their posts and even have nice discussions. Then, when I get back to my page I’ll get a like but no comment. So sometimes I get a little irritated, especially when it’s the same person liking every post, but no words to my posts. It’s like ordering a cheese burger and receiving it without the meat. Now it’s a damn boring grilled cheese. I know I sound selfish and I will be criticized for it, but we all feel it, right?

You can’t deny when you see my name liking every one of your posts, but I don’t say my opinion or reblog, don’t you get a little irritated? Everyone has selfishness in them to write just about them and only wants the approval from their fellow bloggers. Do you think anyone really cares about what you say? Probably not, but if that’s the case, what do you do to fix that problem? Every blog has it’s own uniqueness unless you plagiarize then you’re just an inconsiderate asshole.

I’m going to say I use to not write for followers, likes, or comments, but in reality, who doesn’t want their voice to be heard. If you feel that highly of yourself that you can say, I only follow those who interest me, then you’re in the wrong place. I know following spurts have actually helped me find new and interesting blogs. It has helped me learn about readers that actually like my work. I think I shed a few tears on multiple pages because they had problems in their life that they couldn’t see any resolution to.

Okay, I’m rambling now. I’m just pointing out the things bouncing in my brain right now. I know I jumped into two different subjects¬† sorry about that. I just want to say that we all are truly never writing for ourselves. You are writing for someone else and hoping to get some kind of feedback. Don’t be naive like I was from the beginning. I told my readers at the time, hey I don’t need thousands of followers, I just need the twenty I have, but I was very wrong. All the blogs I follow now really molded me into a better writer and reader.

Let me know how you feel about anything on here. Especially if you have any ideas on how to focus on one subject in writing a story.