Trolls and Change



So I’m not here to talk about the giant ugly beasts that roam the forests at night and turn to stone in the morning. I’m definitely not here to talk about the little fuzzy rainbow haired dolls that children adore. (Or not) I’m here to expose the world of trolls that scamper around the internet searching for a victim that may be humorous to their own liking, or it could go a bit to far to the point where someone’s feelings are hurt. Either way, don’t fall victim to these guys cause they will cause you to wonder what soulless being is typing on the other end of this screen.

If you’re like me, you do this…


I tend to watch a video or see a picture on facebook and simply go straight to the comments to read all the arguments. It’s funny because there is not one video out there where someone is either not offended, or simply trolling others.

Let’s get down to the basics. What is a troll?

Trolls are the bottom dwelling scum of the internet that feel it is necessary to start arguments when it is a situation they don’t care about. I know there are some people that find it interesting to participate in these troll sessions. When I was younger, I did this many times. I did it because you’ll find people on the internet who are loved by many people, possibly someone who is popular at your school or in your family. These people basically look like a saint in real life but as soon as you disagree with their logic, the real demons start flying from their fingers like a ferocious snake. Trolls spark the responders anger with very melancholy answers that just boil under the person’s skin.

If you ever do this, DON’T reveal yourself as a troll.

I say this because you will discover there are more people that are like minded in your Troll self. Plus, the person bantering with you over puppies will eventually start to look like a lunatic. I mean, c’mon, do you really think someone can say anything terrible and mean it about cute puppies? Anyways, you’ll start to receive threats of reporting you and calling the authorities. Sometimes you’ll get the occasional death threat. All the while, you’re just busting out laughing on the other end wondering where this internet bravery is coming from. Oh wait, it’s because these people live on the other side of the world and they are threatening you with their internet courage.

If you stumble upon a Troll…

These will happen at least once in your internet lifetime and all you can do is learn to spot them and call them out. Never get caught up in an argument over a video or meme. This is simple because one, nothing is going to be achieved by name calling and tearing people down on a thread. You could report the image or video, but facebook will more than likely turn your request away because some dude on the other end thinks you’re too damn sensitive. How I treat these situations is to simply stop typing. If the troll doesn’t respond to countless amounts of none responses to their comments, they will eventually go away because they know they have been caught. If there is no reply, then it maybe a legit argument someone is having with you.

Now, I’ve had to ask myself many times why do people get angry and say their opinion on memes and videos on social media? If you really feel this strongly about something going on in the world, do something about it! Don’t just sit behind a computer and fight blindly with people who already think your a coward for arguing over a computer. Yes, it’s the only way to respond to what you see on the computer, but go out there and do something about it. Stop relying on others to fight for you. A good song to listen to is “Do Something” by Matthew West. If you want to change something, you need to get off the computer and start today. No one else will do it for you. Pick up followers and start campaigns. Get the word out there and eventually enough people will back you to make a better life for others.