Over Blogging?

I’ve been playing Destiny for the last month now, and I was extremely hooked on it but sadly I have run out of things to do on it. I have started two new blogs this last week, one is about the Walking Dead. It’s in my menus if you want to check it out and discuss anything about the current season, or the prior seasons. I have also started Murdoch Jones’ journal. This blog is an in depth look at the world of Phantom Force, and where Murdoch is mentally in the aftermath of Earth’s end. Definitely check them both out if you get a chance. All criticism is welcome.

This question has been pecking at my brain the last few days. and I wanted to go ahead and address it to you guys. Have you ever followed someone’s blog cause you thought it was extremely interesting at first, but then you saw that 50 posts from the same blogger have consumed your reader feed? Or let’s just ask a simple question, is it possible to post way too much?

I find it hard to follow some blogs because trying to find the material that is worth reading is like trying to pick what to eat on a 10 page menu at a restaurant. It all looks good, but there is way too much fluff and not enough value to those posts. I know I occasionally post really short posts when I am gone for extended amounts of time, but I have found that some people do it religiously. I hate to say it, but I feel it is true to say that over blogging can kill your reader support. I know I’ve posted once a day on each blog I have, and if it’s too much for you guys let me know, and I’ll slow down a bit. I guess once procrastination no longer consumes your life, you really just want to say anything and everything that comes to mind to someone.

Well, I was just informed that we have no more bread crumbs, so I have to make a trip to the store. Rest easy and happy blogging!

6 thoughts on “Over Blogging?

  1. Personally, I think too much could affect your viewers. I for one, blog about a great deal of things under four categories so I think it’d possibly be necessary to write one blog post for one category, and one for another every day. Even with more or no category rule, I think no one should post more than two times a day. Even then, not back-to-back.

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  2. Well I agree with you. Though I don’t follow any such blogger but I know that incessant posting is annoying. a blog is not a place to post everything that comes in one’s mind, all day long. There are other social sites for that like Twitter for instance. Quality blogs post 1-2 posts a day and that is enough for me. I myself try not to over do myself. A blog should be interesting and clean of unnecessary things.


  3. I agree, I like 1 blog post per day. I think any more would be too much, but if it’s less than that that’s fine too. I post a book review Tuesdays, Short Story Thursdays, and Haikus Fridays and keep the other days for things that spark my interest. I find I have different readers liking different things, so I like my variety and I’m going to try to stick with it. Sometimes I post on those ‘extra’ days and sometimes I don’t. I have followed people who spam my reader a little, but it hasn’t become overwhelming yet and I just scroll past thinking “same, same, same, oh what’s this?” and all is good with the world 🙂


  4. I think there’s truth to what you’re saying. I follow a lot of blogs, and it’s difficult to follow new ones, so that’s one of the things I look for. Frequent posts can be difficult to keep up with. Oh, if only there were more time in the day…

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate it!


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