Okay, so I’m back on the subject of followers on blogs only because I’m very interested to hear how some of you feel about this. When you receive a new follower, do you automatically add them as a follow, or do you review their page a few days to kind of see how many posts they do a day, what material they are talking about, or if they are just spamming the crap out of your Reader tab. I know that I normally follow people that I can either relate with, or have interesting posts that can persuade me into a different idea of subjects. I know today I went through some of the new followers, and I reviewed some of their pages and thought wow, they are pretty interesting. The only problem was I missed one of them. The one that spams the hell out of posts with random videos of their own music that nobody really cares too much about because it’s either boring, or egotistical. So I simply no longer follow them. Now my question is, do you guys ever run into this situation where you want to be polite and follow that new follower back, but when you see their material you kind of run the other way? Is that a normal reaction, or is that hindering readers because they feel that no follow in return is disrespect to them? This is just a question I’ve had for a few days and it just makes me wonder what some of us think. Feel free to comment below and throw some honesty my way. I’m extremely interested in your responses to this.

5 thoughts on “Following

  1. I thought about this after the first follower I received. In the end I decided that I wouldn’t follow people’s blogs just to be polite, because I feel that’s a disservice. I don’t expect anyone I follow to return the gesture, I hope that my blog interests them enough that they want to follow it.


  2. I agree with Kate. When I have a new follower I check out their blogs and if it is of interest to me, I do click follow. Sometimes beautiful pics entice me to click follow as well. But I don’t follow just because someone else follows me first.


  3. If someone Follows my blog, I usually Follow them back under specific conditions:

    1. Their blog has a multitude of content that interests me.

    2. They happen to be a new blogger that’s working on making interesting content for their blog.


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