Switzerland: Mount Zermatt

I went here back in the summer of 2007. I was a member of the Georgia Ambassadors of Music Tour. We traveled to seven different countries in Europe and got to have a taste of what is to experience over there. I think my two favorite places were Switzerland and Italy. I will post more pictures of my trip soon, but right now i just want to show you what I have of Switzerland. 



This was the golf course across the street from our hotel. You can see that the scenery there was breath taking. I know every morning when I woke up at the peak of the mountain, I would look outside the window and see this landscape that you could only dream of in movies and photographs. The mountain tops were covered in snow and the rising clouds from the valley were so celestial, it was like I died and went to heaven for a few seconds. I think if there is anywhere I would revisit again overseas Switzerland would be the place I would want to go to.


This is my goober looking self with my dad. He came with me because he wanted to visit Europe one more time in his lifetime. What better way to do it with this trip, right? Especially, since we traveled to across it. This was a 16 day trip and it was amazing. I don’t think I could ever forget the many temperature changes I experienced in this place, from extremely cold, warm, and scorching hot in Venice, Italy. I think for me I wanted this to be one of those special memories I could have with my dad for the rest of my life.


We ran into this nice little pub at the top of the mountain, where we had a few drinks with my band directors. It was fun to be able to just enjoy and kick back our feet. It’s sad that I don’t get to talk to many of the people I went there with anymore. Everyone is living their own journeys and adventures, while I’m sitting here trying to build up on my own career and life. 

If you look at the mountains in the background you can see just how beautiful and lush the grass and trees were, even with the cold temperatures.


Here is a photo of one of the threes lakes that were in close proximity from our hotel. These areas were special only because it was very peaceful and quiet. It almost seemed like you could sit and enjoy life without the stress that goes on at home. I think my little group and I walked these trails around the pond three times to really soak in the beauty of this place.



I remember walking out to this lake one night with someone I met on the trip. We were kind of dating at the time, but I am so glad I got this image by itself without the tainted view of the girl and I. I remember crossing over one bridge and seeing the lights reflecting off the surface of the water. The clouds were hanging high in the air as the sun was lowering behind us. It almost seemed unreal at the time, but this had to have been the best experience I had in Switzerland. The thought of just being able to escape the hectic life back at home and breathing in the clean air. 

I’ll try to find the photos from London, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Lichtenstein, (If you really want to include that as a country.) I’ll try to do separate pieces of them, but I have so many photos I don’t even know where to begin after this post. 

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