Notes and Creation

In my last post,  showed you guys my outlining process for my new novel “The Rise of Sargon.” Still a working title I should point out. People tend to wonder where a writer’s inspiration comes from to create words like Middle-Earth and the multiple exotic worlds in Star Wars. Everyone has their own unique way of creating and showing through words/film of these places. Here are my inspirations and what I do to create characters and my world of Eliptica.

1. Read, Watch, and Play

I find that reading books that relate to my story help me learn how to write my descriptions in the manner intended for the genre. It is hard to see a face that is not in front of me though or see images of places around the world that closely relate to locations in the book. What helps me though? I google photos of people, places, and clothes that give me an idea of the time and place my world is set in. Portraits of people definitely helps to envision my characters deeper with the skin textures, hair styles, and eye colors.

I will watch movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, 300, Troy, etc. All of the movies I watch I am learning about morals and principles that each group believes. If I really like a moral, I’ll use it and twist it in my own way. Sometimes I’ll just watch these movies to have a basic idea of what an alien or human would look like long ago. I also enjoy watching these movies but research will always fall into my brain waiting to be cracked open later on.

I will play video games just because they are amazing and what better way to learn what your characters will feel when they win the battle, or I beat the game. There have been so many great ideas for story lines and battle sequences used in games that not many people get to experience. Plus, the feelings that rise when puzzles are solved and daunting journeys are taken to discover a new portion of a map. It all helps in my writing process. Some games I’ll play are The Elder Scrolls, Destiny, and Super Mario Brothers.

2. Music

Music has done wonders for my stories. Epic battle music with just brass and strings are my favorite pieces of music to listen to when I have to create a fight. Two Steps to Hell has most of my favorite pieces that I’ll listen to. I also listen to Five Finger Death Punch and Skillet if I need to pump up the action or just to get my creative juices flowing. I actually will pop in Avril Lavigne and Puddle of Mudd to put my mind in a place for heart break scenes. It all just depends on where I want my head at when I’m writing.

A few bands I love and enjoy, but avoid listening to while writing. Korn, Disturbed, Slip Knot, and any metal band that really distracts me. I avoid these bands because the fast paced singing/ intricate guitar leads make it hard to concentrate. I have written scenes where I lose my train of thought and start writing pieces of these guy’s lyrics cause I’m singing them in my head. Like I said I love them but they’re for another day.

3. Personal Experiences

I put a lot of my life experiences into my novels. I recently fell into a dark part of my life and struggled to find a way out. These times really help me discover a place that I want my main character to feel. I’ll have joy in my life as well that I’ll use too. Like meeting my fiance or traveling to beautiful places like Europe or the Bahamas. Many locations I’ll keep in my head so later I can write about the smells and the beauty that I had experienced.

I remember writing Horizon while I was intoxicated. My finance enjoyed it but it took me too long to finish because I kept having to back track to remember what I wrote. My suggestion is do not write while intoxicated. Just write notes and read them later.

I’ve laid out all of my inspirations and techniques to bring my mind to the world of Eliptica in this post. I hope this helps everyone look for new destinations to use as you crack away at your novel. I’d like to know what you guys do as well. So if you have any thing to add, questions, or want to know more about me, just throw it in the comments below. Thank you all for reading my posts and good luck with all of your writings.

4 thoughts on “Notes and Creation

  1. Two Steps To Hell! (Or is it From Hell? Bah, whatever). I love them too. If you’re into the trailer music sort of stuff, I also heartily recommend Globus and Immediate Music. I think my favorite songs from TSTH are Freedom Fighters and Master of Shadows. Both of those pump me up to write really epic stuff.

    Personal experiance is also way more important than some people know. There are some stories you can only write at certain points in your life. I already have stories stashed away that, upon rereading them, I think “I could never write this now. I could never whip up all the emotions and complexities that were inside of me at the time.”


    • Whoops sorry meant from.

      Yeah, I enjoy trailer music cause it helps with epicness. I try to use recent personal experience than long ago because of the same reason. It’s hard to remember feelings that died long ago lol.


    • I remember writing music years ago. It was fun arranging pieces and putting together lyrics. I know that’s how Horizon came together. Music is definitely an art form I miss doing but novels have replaced it for now. Thanks for dropping in!

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